4 Signs You Need to Find a New Web Designer


Your website is your window to the world and plays a central role in your branding. Choosing a web design team should not be taken lightly. However, for some reason, many of us start building a loyalty to web designers they’ve been working with for a while.

The relationship might have been great at first, but you may have been noticing that your website doesn’t hold that well against the competition or you’ve been receiving criticism about your website from users. If that is the case, maybe it’s time to switch teams. Here are a few other signs that you might consider.

He tells you some Things are Impossible

Let’s say you’re a retailer in Surrey and you see something you like on your competitor’s website. You ask your web design Farnham company if it could be replicated on your site, and he says no, it isn’t possible. Now how could that be? If it was made on another site, no reason it couldn’t be done on yours, right? Well, it may not be that it is impossible to do, just impossible to them.

However, there are some cases where it may be difficult to incorporate certain elements on your site for a variety of reasons. One of them might be your budget. While it may be possible to incorporate an element, it may be out of your current budget. It could also be difficult because of your site’s configuration or because the results wouldn’t be good.

While it is possible that some things are indeed impossible, more often than not when a designer says that they can’t do a particular thing, it usually because they simply don’t have the expertise to do so. If that is the case with your designer and your website needs an overhaul, maybe it’s time to find a new web design firm, such as Pelling Marketing By Design. Remember, a local website designer will be more accessible and easier to work with.

They’re the Cheapest you could Find

Web design, graphic design, and branding are three areas where you should not cut corners. Maybe people are improvising as web designers these days when in reality, all they do is copy and paste ready-made templates with your info on them.

I can guarantee you that anyone who offers their web design services for less than £150 is more than likely to be an amateur. A professionally made website may cost in the thousands. This isn’t to say that you should hire based solely on price, but a ridiculously low price can be a red flag.
This goes for graphic design as well. If you see a firm or designer offering their services for a fraction of the price, then you might not be dealing with a professional. Better to pay a little extra for premium service; you will be able to save on eventual revisions later on.

They Don’t Offer Solid Support

Support is another major element when choosing a web designer. Maybe your designer was very receptive at first and responded fast to your inquiries. But slowly, they became a little more distant and harder to find. Constant contact is essential when dealing with a web design company, especially when you can’t visit them directly. So, if for some reason, your current designer is becoming erratic in their schedules or you can’t reach them for weeks on end, it’s time to make a switch.

They Focus Too Much on Looks and Creativity

Maybe you picked your current web designer based on their portfolio. You were dazzled by the artwork and graphic design on their website, as well as the colourful elements added. For some reason, some people believe beautiful design equates with good design, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Users will privilege a clean, simple, but functional website over of a beautiful website that is a navigational nightmare.

As a matter of fact, in a recent survey conducted by Hubspot, only 10% of respondents mentioned looks as their main criteria. A whopping 76% declared that a website that makes it easy “to find the things they want” was their main priority. So that should tell you where you should put the bulk of your efforts in.

Another red flag is someone who isn’t willing to budge from their creative direction. Maybe you just consulted with a new branding team. They might have new ideas that could be integrated into your site. It’s essential that you work with a designer that is flexible enough to make these changes on the spot. You don’t want your site’s creative direction to be held hostage by your designing team.


Choosing a good web design team is no small affair, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. If your design team exhibits any of the signs in the article, then don’t hesitate and start looking elsewhere. You should never compromise on web design. Working with a new team could give your website the fresh start it urgently needs.