Online Website Builder and Online Database All In One Place


Online website builders have been around for over a decade, and used to bring relief to small businesses that couldn’t afford to pay a developer to bring their business online. But it seems that is no longer the case; what was once a sufficient solution to keeping costs low and productivity high is now just another necessity of a business that wants to thrive online, without spending a fortune on making it happen. Luckily, there are platforms like Simbla online website builder that have kept up with the current demand and found a way to give users an all-in-one solution to their online business needs.

Simbla incorporates an online database into their website builder, which makes it possible to use data-driven applications that are completely integrated with the rest of the platform. From Lead Management to Blog, Simbla’s applications allow their users to take every aspect of their businesses online. The list of Simbla applications only grows; as Simbla has promised, there are many more apps to come.

Recently launched, an eCommerce App is the newest development from Simbla website builder and has proved extremely useful thus far. The app covers the range of online selling and purchasing needs–such as managing inventory, accepting credit card payment, tracking orders and allowing the use of coupon codes–and is completely customizable, just like all of Simbla’s other applications.

But it’s not just applications that sets Simbla website builder apart from other website builders; it’s Simbla’s unique features as well. For example, Simbla offers dynamic content to its users, which makes website building much faster, sleeker, and simpler than it used to be. To demonstrate, here is a website of the best escape room games compiled by a Simbla user that was created with dynamic data.

Because the best escape room games are spread out all over the world, the user chose the top twenty cities from which to index escape room games.

Each city has its own individual page of escape room games, displayed in exactly the same format with the exact same page design. This was done through connecting a website to the database with escape room-related information, dragging and dropping a Dynamic List widget onto the website page, and connecting it to a table in the database.

Next, the user set up his grid, using these {{ }} curly brackets to tell the grid which fields he wanted the grid to display. This created his entire Home page, showing each city in the index with its corresponding image.

Afterwards, he created a new page in his Simbla website builder which functioned as a template on which every city’s own, corresponding individual page would be built. He marked this page as “Dynamic pages,” and connected it his Escape Room table. Then, all he had to do was design the page (naming desired displayed fields between these {{{ }}} curly brackets) and link the page to the {{city}} field on his Home page.

This created twenty separate, individual pages automatically, each corresponding to a city on the Home page and its list of escape rooms. Again, the user only had to design the page once for it to create this effect, resulting in a quickly-made, professional-looking website.

Clearly, Simbla online website builder fulfills the needs of its users by delivering advanced features like dynamic content, an online database and applications that are integrated with the website itself. There are even more applications to come in the near future, which will undoubtedly make your online business thrive the way it’s supposed to.