Why You Should Seriously Consider Outsourcing Web Development


Smart outsourcing is key to the success of most businesses today. The company contracts external professionals to carry out its often non-strategic functions to focus its resources towards more strategic matters. You can have your accounting functions outsourced or your recruitment taken care of by a professional HR agency, or can outsource web development to prevent being a part of also-ran web portals. The last aspect is the most crucial element for a business to survive and thrive in 2017.

Therefore, if your web development strategy is built upon occasionally updating an article or two about your industry on social media platforms, then good luck finding yourself on Google. Organisations that successfully develop and sustain digital presence year after year are scarce. Of course, that is the aim of everyone, but a Bain & Co study of 2,000 companies across a decade discovered that only one in 10 accomplished continuous profitable growth.

However, one activity that was common among the majority of them was intelligent outsourcing of tasks that are time and capital consuming when carried out internally. The following reasons will convince you to outsource if you are not doing it already:  

Cost savings

First and foremost, if your business is based in the UK you can save from 20% up to 40% of outsource php development cost when working with web developers nearshoring instead of doing so locally or by hiring a team in-house. Also, PHP remains predominant server-side language with more than 80% of the market share. Remember, there is a considerable difference in labour costs and applicable taxes in various countries. For instance, Czech development firms such as Kurzor are offering some of the most affordable prices compared to those prevalent in the United Kingdom.

Moreover, when you hire an in-house team you incur acquisition cost as well as recurring monthly expenses besides other benefits. However, when you outsource web development it is the software house that takes care of the continuity of work.

Not Only Developers

Everybody knows that the importance of a web developer or designer is paramount. However, many other professionals also facilitate your project. For example, QAs who will spot all the bugs with their vigilant eyes, PMs will keep in check the programmers as well as UX designers who will ensure user satisfaction by improving usability and accessibility. It is a given that hiring all such support costs additional funds which further makes hiring a credible team of web developers nearshoring all the more feasible.


A website developer or a software house faces greater liability than internal IT staff, which makes them much less of a risk for your business. They have more to lose, if they do not follow through on their contracts and are solely responsible for any committed mistakes. Therefore, once you have decided to outsource the web development aspect of your company, make sure to ink mutually agreed clauses in your contract for any such future development.

Better Workforce Management

Corporate detractors might argue that the costs of dedicated developers outsourcing are just too much to be justified. However, it is much more cost-effective in the long run.

Take two small companies. The first decided to save money by hiring an in-house employee to do the job. The developer learned the basics of the company’s platform, understood the fundamentals of the business model and created a passable design interface. Of course, that is not what the first company had in mind upon hiring the resource. However, investment has been made and the new employee did the best he or she could do. After the designed is implemented, the company is left wondering – is it worth it and what exactly is to be done with an additional resource on the company’s payroll?

Now consider the second company, who instead of taking a new employee on board opted to outsource web development of the company. Admittedly, they paid a higher base rate for the professional services, but the strategy saved them money on costs related to hiring, training and integrating a new recruit into their business. The dedicated developers outsourcing contract detailed the goals of the design interface and delivered a proposed timetable for completion. Once the product was delivered, the company reviewed it along with the web design firm to make sure all the needs are met.

This is the real value of outsourcing – the guarantee of quality, effective communication and creativity that is impossible for a single individual to match. Therefore, whether your web development strategy is based on offshoring or nearshoring, it is critical to outsource this aspect of your organisation to focus your energies on more strategic matters.