What Australian Customers Need to Know Before Buying Hosting


Australian customers looking to purchase quality Internet hosting face issues that regular American customers don’t really have to worry about. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about it comes down to one huge factor – distance.

Australia is much further from the rest of the “connected” world then it’s US counterparts and that has some serious repercussions for their Internet-savvy consumers. Australian telecom companies have struggled with their Internet speed for the better part of the decade and finally caught the biggest break yet with the installation of the new Indigo Undersea Wire. The massive wire stretches from Singapore all the way to Australia.

While this is great news for some, existing webmaster still have to contend with slower than average Internet speeds and unreliable hosting companies. In today’s post we’re going to share five easy tips for securing better quality Internet in Australia.

Where’s Your Datacenter?

Datacenters are the heart of any hosting platform. A quality datacenter will be able to send/receive and parse information at different levels based on its technical specifications. Faster servers and more technicians means better troubleshooting and more monitored streamlined operations. The problem is Australian datacenter are notoriously bad contributing to their overall ranking as the #46 faster Internet in the world – lagging behind many developing countries.

Free SSL or Not?

SSL isn’t to be a requirement for anyone taking online payments on his or her website. Now, the times have changed and SSL is a requirement on almost every blog. As of 2017, Google has started warning visitors that the websites they are visiting are unsafe. As you can imagine this isn’t good for customer retention. Having SSL is a necessity now, not a luxury.

The issue is most Aussie hosts will double or not triple charge for SSL with some even looking to 15X the cost of such services. When compared with the 100% free SSL upgrades available on hosts like Siteground it’s surprising how many people overpay.

Is it Safe?

Safety is a huge issue when you’re hosting an important blog. Corporate sabotage can easily rear its ugly head when website are essential highjacked by hackers. This doesn’t happen because you’re using a password that says “1234” it’s more likely to occur on the server side where an infiltrator will get into the entire network and all the sites within that cluster become compromised.

Stay Local or Go Abroad?

For many Australians, choosing the local company is a no-brainer but as technology has evolved and new trends emerge it’s important to ask – are my local hosting companies giving me what I deserve? The chances are they aren’t. The Australian market has been so closed off from international competition for so long that local companies have enjoyed a monopoly. It’s important to read hosting reviews like those on https://bestwebhostingaustralia.net and find out which plan is the best one for you.

Final Thoughts

Getting a reliable and strong host in Australia isn’t impossible, but you’ll have to do the work and find something that fits your needs. I always encourage people to go with a better quality host over saving oneself a few dollars here and there.