5 Things to Consider for Designing a Website


In this day and age it is really not a difficult job to design a website for pretty much anything. Software like WordPress are making it easier day by day to host personal blogs and business-based websites. Click here if you want professional consultation about making a website. When designing a website, you naturally want to divert a considerable amount of internet traffic to your domain. It may be easy to have people visit once but if you want people to visit your site over and over again, there are some things you must keep in mind. We have listed out some of these things below:


First of all, you must be well aware of the niche you are making the website for. Don’t just start making a website for the heck of it and then decide what you want it to be about. This will help you in making decisions about the theme and the font according to the kind of audience you will be attracting. Knowing the niche will considerably speed up the process and make your site seem less haphazard.


The next thing that is of prime importance is the theme of the website. There are thousands of themes available on the internet. Choose one that is befitting of the niche you have chosen for your website. For a new website, it is best that you start off using a free theme and then move on to a premium one after your website has gathered enough audience. You can always modify a theme according to your wishes but remember to always keep the essence of the theme intact.


Remember to use appropriate and legible font for your website. Make all the titles and the headings large enough to be read at a distance so that it is easy for the viewers to figure out the layout of the website. Make sure the color of the font is contrasting with that of the theme so the viewers would not have to strain their eyes.


Remember to code the site in a way that it is responsive on more than one kind of screen. People would want to visit it using their computers and their smartphones so you better make that as convenient for them as possible. You can always choose a theme that is responsive instead of coding it on your own. This is why you should do a test run of the website first before you finalize everything else.


Lastly, remember that no matter how thorough your code and design is, there is a great chance that your website will have bugs. This is why you don’t abandon it after publishing it online, rather you stay in touch with it and keep on fixing any bugs and faults you find. Remember to change the theme and/or the font and add a couple of new features every other year or so to keep up with the times.