Tools to Help Designer Collaboration


Design teams are often complex. The diversity of skills at play can make collaborating, at times, pretty difficult. While there may be plenty of collaboration tools out there for file-sharing or increasing productivity, designers are often overlooked.

This is why specialist tools are necessary to help bring your organization’s work together. Here are four you can use to bring your team together and ensure it meets its goals.

In Vision

If your team of designers is looking to work solely off once platform, then InVision is recommended. This design-driven project-management platform enables your in-house team and freelancers to share, prototype, and review their web products, while also having the functional capability to allow testing of mobile products.

The advantage of working on a single platform is that it limits operational mess. What we mean by this is that when trying to bring together code, it can be easy to lose portions when working with freelancers. Bringing it all in one coherent file can be difficult and at times impossible. With InVision, as you’re all working on one platform, everybody’s work is in one place.


If you’re a small to medium sized business, then Paymo will be particularly helpful. Included in this package is a variety of tools, from Gantt charts, Kaban board, project template and milestone tracking. You’ll also get the classic project management features, such as the ability to allocate and track tasks.

Available on Android and iOS, it comes with an efficient file-sharing system and real-time collaboration capabilities. If you’re worried about security, Pyamo comes with SSL encryption, which ensures safe and secure communication between team members, upper management and stakeholders.

Activ Collab

If your team is still communicating via email, or you’re even using multiple platforms for project management, then Activ Collab is the way to go. Simple, easy to set-up, yet extremely powerful; this tool allows you to manage multiple activities, alongside team collaboration, from one platform.

The main benefit of Activ Collab is the fact that it runs on the cloud. There is absolutely nothing you need to do in-house. There are many software packages that run well with Activ Collab and the cloud, such as the pay-monthly Office 365 package that offers; also including Microsoft Team and Skype to help designers collaborate with one another, regardless of time zones.
With over 200,000 users using Activ Collab on a daily basis, it will allow you to bring together writers, designers and coders into one simple-to-use-platform.


Collaborating and providing feedback to writers should be simple – and that’s where Wake steps in. Here, everybody can upload work without having to leave their platforms, ensuring a fluid upload of work disruption free.
The great thing about Wake is its transparency. Everybody can see what each person is doing, allowing freelancers and in-house staff to learn from the mistakes and successes of other people.

With everything secured by HTTPS, this platform creates a secure and private place for collaborators to talk about their projects. Apps for iPhone and Mac are available, and are all included.