Powerful Promotional Tools: Leveraging the Big Ps of Video Marketing


Video marketing is growing in popularity among businesses of all sizes. Businesses from the smallest startups to the largest brands are getting involved in video marketing, and with good reason.

Video is one of the most popular forms of content to consume online. Faster internet speeds and better smartphones have made it more popular than ever, and as such smart businesses are taking advantage of the boom in video marketing to improve their own branding.

Marketers often talk about the four pillars of video marketing, also known as the 4 Ps. These are Purpose, Premise, Platform, and Promotion. So let’s look at how each of these plays a role in effective video marketing.


The first stage, Purpose, involves deciding on your goals. If you hire a professional video marketing company like www.LifeTime-media.com, this is the first thing you will plan.

Without a purpose, it’s difficult to aim to get serious results. So be strategic and decide on your goal for each video campaign.

This could be to simply increase views or Likes of your Facebook page, to get people into your sales funnel, to sell directly, to increase brand visibility, and more.

Having a clear goal is a good rule for any marketing campaign, so make sure you decide on one single purpose for each video before you create anything.


This is all about working out the message of your video, the story that you will tell and how you will communicate it and encourage action.

A few tips to getting your message across are to be clear and direct, to create short videos that are good for short attention spans, to get to the point, and to keep it simple.


The platform focuses on the type of video you will create. On-camera videos feature people talking, and this is the most popular, and these are great for providing tips, holding interviews, and engaging with the viewer.

Off-camera videos are also an option, and these can be great for sharing information and telling a story, perhaps in the form of a documentary. So look at all the options and maybe experiment with both.


Finally, whatever type of video you create, and whatever its purpose, you’ll need to promote it. How you will distribute it is an important consideration if you want people to watch it.

Which platforms will you use? Your blog, YouTube, Vimeo? Will you post to social media, and which platforms if so?

Having a good video is just the first stage. If you can’t get anyone to see it, all your work will be wasted. Obviously, a better video is more likely to get shared and attract more views, but you still need a strategy to get it out there and start getting views.

Other Marketing Tips to Get More from Videos

These four pillars of video marketing are a great starting point for any video campaign. Follow these, and you’re off to a great start. However, there are lots of other things you can do to improve your video marketing.

One of the most important things is to make your video’s original. If you do something different from other businesses, you’ll have more of a chance of standing out, and this can help to increase your views.

Also, don’t think that just by sharing your videos on your social accounts you will be able to get more viewers. You might have to start off by advertising your videos on Facebook and other sites to get people to view them. Once people start sharing your videos, they could benefit from going viral, but paying to promote them is a great way to start. Video ad spending is increasing as more companies see the benefits, so try it yourself.

Also, consider creating live videos on platforms like Facebook Live alongside more professional branding videos. With a live video, you can set these up easily with very little time or money. They can also appeal to people who like the idea of more honest marketing that shows behind the scenes and does not come across as so carefully planned.

Get More from Your Promotional Videos

Videos are a fantastic way to promote your business, increase brand visibility, and get more people into your sales funnel. However, just because videos are popular, that doesn’t mean every business enjoys success with them.

You need to have a very clear idea about what you want and how to achieve it, and a good promotion strategy in place, if you want to take full advantage of videos.

So focus on the Big Ps of video marketing to start creating and promoting videos that get viewed by more people and give your overall marketing campaign a boost.

Scott Sinclair works as a videographer and photographer. Always looking for the latest video news, he loves to write about what he finds on various business blogs.