Content Delivery Network Know-How and How to Find the Cheapest One


Understanding technology and anything even remotely related to it is not everybody’s forte, unless you are one of those tech-savvy people who know their way around pretty well. In an era where individuals and businesses depend on the World Wide Web for their daily bread, you can’t set aside technology – it is the Holy Grail of the internet arena that deserves respect and admiration.

Everything from shopping to booking flight tickets is possible today from the comfort of your home without having to stand in long queues or step outside in bad weather. In fact, it’s convenient, cost-effective, and the most preferred means of doing business. Even delivering content has become an easy-breezy ordeal with exemplary content delivery networks (CDN) to do the job with precision.

What Is a Content Delivery Network?

According to Webopedia, Content Delivery Network is the amalgamation of several servers that transfer content to users across the globe efficiently. It’s an amazingly simple solution to accelerate the content delivery frequency of high traffic websites. However, geographical location also has a role to play – the closer the CDN is to the user’s area, the faster it reaches them.

What’s more? A typically well-rounded CDN safeguards traffic surges and keeps the network in smooth working condition. Large scale websites with a high frequency of visitors demand quick and reliable loading times, and that’s where the Content Delivery Network works its magic with reduced load time, bandwidth consumption; it even blocks all sorts of spammers and data scrappers.

How to Find the Cheapest CDN

Finding a top-notch CDN is like looking for a needle in a haystack, let alone getting the cheapest CDN! If you look hard enough and comb the internet several hours a day, you might just get lucky. Possibly, you’ll even find a cheap CDN; whether it’s as effective in doing the job, now that’s on you. If you’re a small business, you need to work with an affordable solution that does the job hassle-free.

Here’s a list of few possible alternatives:
– Incapsula
– CoralCDN
– Amazon CloudFront
– MaxCDN
– CacheFly
– BitGravity
– KeyCDN

Calculating the Cost

Before you make your choice, understand the bandwidth usage on a monthly basis and check it against the various CDN providers available. This is a great way to manage and channel finances to get you started on the ideal content delivery network. Putting your money with the right people who cater to your specific needs is important.

Taking the Plunge

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