Designing an Effective Business Website


A well-designed website is often the make or break factor for business of all sizes, in all industries. Examining the web design trends that saturate your industry is crucial if you want to stay a step ahead of your competitors. The best business websites cultivate your brand’s reputation, drive traffic, and lead to lucrative conversions. Incorporate the following must-have features into your website design and ensure every visitor becomes a loyal customer.

Make It Easy to Find Contact Information

Your website should make it easy for searching customers to find your contact information. This is a crucial piece of the customer service puzzle, and making it difficult to find phone numbers and email addresses won’t endear your brand to searching online users. On every page, be sure to make pertinent contact information readily available. Include phone numbers, chat boards, FAQs, and email addresses to ensure consumers have an easy way to get in contact with you or your company representatives. If you want to make it easy, start with a high-quality Contact Us page. Emulate the efforts of background screening company Choice Screening. They provide a detailed form where customers can indicate their queries or concerns. The page provides easy-to-read text, phone numbers, and email addresses to ensure consumers can easily contact the right person to answer their query.

Unique, Informative Content

Every website can benefit from a blog. Unique, well-researched content serves as an information goldmine for consumers, and becoming an authoritative resource in your industry can do amazing things for your brand and business. Making your product or service more trustworthy translates to increased sales. Look for guest posting opportunities in other fields to become a published expert, or hire freelance writers to post on your behalf.

Responsive Website Design

If your business website isn’t optimized for mobile use, you’re giving up a great deal of lucrative business. Recent studies have found that mobile users spend more money per purchase than those who shop with their desktop computers. According to Mobify, at least 1.2 billion people use the web with a smartphone. It’s important to ensure your website will load correctly on these billions of smartphones. As users tend to switch between devices throughout the day, it’s in your best interest to have a responsive website design that can respond to any device they use. Be sure to optimize each portion of your site, from homepage to shopping cart.


Customers are more dependent on reviews than ever before, and they won’t buy from your brand if they don’t trust you. Building trust means utilizing customer reviews, and placing these testimonials on your website can heighten your credibility. If you can provide proof of positive customer experiences, you can easily strengthen your brand authority and reap the rewards of higher sales. Testimonial pages are often the most-visited pages of a website, and consumers value their peers’ opinions. After making a sale, be sure to request a review from your customers. The more authentic and credible your testimonial, the more trustworthy and desirable the company. Check out Campaign Monitor. This email marketing software company has a page that highlights case studies, which function as detailed testimonials that prove how their product has helped companies in the past.

Easy Navigation

You can’t underestimate importance of easy navigation when it comes to website design. To promote sales, users should be able to quickly and easily navigate through your website. Great navigation helps consumers find the content or product they want, and indicates which pages are most important to search engines. Dropdown menus help divide categories and sub-categories to help customers quickly access what they need. Consider the dropdown features on the site for These help the site cater to certain demographics and types of shoppers. Case in point? Students. On the dropdown menu on Official Coupon Code, browsers can find a student savings dropdown tag, detailing discount codes for brands they like and supplies they need. It’s all about knowing what your consumer is looking for, and making this information easy to find.
Whether you’re creating a business website from scratch or revamping a tired, outdated site, these must-have features should make the top of your list.