Top Finance Apps For Businesses


When you’re running a business, you can feel like there aren’t enough hours left in the day when completing serious tasks. While many wish for clones of themselves, technology has prevailed over the last few years, making work twice as quick and more efficient.

Over the last few years, technology has advanced so much that many of the administrative tasks that used to consume so much of our time can now be automated. If you are looking for ways to work smarter, you should try using some of these great finance apps for your business:


For taking payments from customers, PayPal is a great solution. If you’re still spending time going to the bank to pay in cash and checks from customers, then you are surely losing time. By using PayPal, you can quickly take payments with just an email address to process the payment.


If you need to monitor your budget, LearnVest is a great app that pulls all of your financial details into one place. So, it will include your business line of credit details, credit card balance, and everything else. With a dashboard that displays an up to date summary of your finances, you can keep on track with your incomings and outgoings without needing to log into your separate accounts.


Mint is similar to LearnVest in the sense that it stores information for all of your financials in one place. However, it can offer you so much more with its alerts on payments feature, and ability to provide you your credit score. Keeping an eye on your credit score is important, especially if you need to take out credit in the future. Mint also offers advice for people who need to improve their credit score. If you’re not familiar with using these types of apps, Mint provides some useful tutorials to help you get started.


If you are looking for an app that will help with any savings and investments, Acorns is one of the best apps of its kind. Some people say they simply never get around to setting up savings or an investment, but with Acorns, there really is no excuse. As well as setting up payment processes for savings and investments, you can get lots of advice and information on how to get more income from your money.

Apple Pay/Samsung Pay

Not an app as such, but Apple Pay or Samsung Pay makes taking payments even easier. All your customers need are their smartphone to make a quick and easy payment. This will save you significant time when settling someone’s bill, no matter the type of business you are in. It works through any existing contactless terminal.


This app is another great solution for any business owner looking to keep better control of their finances. It even tracks your spending patterns and will transfer any extra money into a savings account for you automatically once it works out if you have any spare money.

Finance apps are a great way of controlling and boosting your finances, managing to keep control of your money and spending, while saving you time.