6 Ways to Keep Your Blog From Getting Hacked


Many businesses from small to big use WordPress for their blogs. WordPress is a customizable and in-depth blogging tool with lots of features that attract bloggers and businesses alike. But WordPress can be vulnerable to hacking, which means any business information you store in your account and your posts themselves are vulnerable. Protect your WordPress blog to protect your business’s online image and sensitive data.

Block Search Engine Spiders

Search engines send out spiders to index your blog’s information. The admin information will get indexed, and you don’t want it to because that’s a security threat. Head into the robots.txt file where you can set crawl delays or you can block search engine spiders completely.

Automatically Block Login Attempts

You can create a list of IP addresses that are allowed to login to your WordPress site. This will automatically block hacking attempts. You can also create a list of usernames that are allowed to login, and block anyone who attempts to login with incorrect information too many times. Mastermind Blogger has specifics on how to do these and several more similar things.

Limit Plugin Use

Lots of people use WordPress plugins to achieve things that they don’t know how to write code for. The pre-made WordPress themes also use lots of plugins. Unfortunately, some of these plugins have security issues, and you wouldn’t know it until someone hacked your blog. For the sake of your security, hire a web designer who can write you your own code for your WordPress site.

Change Your Passwords

Lots of passwords are hackable, partly because people choose bad passwords and partly because people use the same password for everything. Encourage anyone who can login to your business’s WordPress site to change their password often. Either require them to do so after a certain period of time, or send out reminders.

Enlist External Help

Today’s cybersecurity takes a lot of monitoring and effort because of the heightened number of threats. When something as small as a WordPress blog puts your business at risk, it’s time to hire consultants who can monitor your business’s security for you. The top security companies and vendors have staff and software that work in tandem to protect your data. They’ll also identify security holes you didn’t know you had, and plug them.

Update to the Latest Version

WordPress upgrades its versions relatively frequently. Blogs that haven’t been updated to include the latest security measures and code are easier to hack. This is a simple fix that isn’t enough on its own to protect you. It is something you can do by yourself to help boost your blog’s security.
Your WordPress blog shouldn’t be a security concern if you take the right steps to protect it. After all, you don’t want to lose a blog that’s so easy to customize and update, especially if you have multiple employees posting. Keep your business safe, including login information and data, by protecting the small things like your business’s blog.