Flooding Your Website with New Fans: Helpful Little Apps to Drive Traffic in a Big Way


Whether you’ve had your website for many years or you’re just starting out in the online world, driving traffic to your website is a must. But, as a business owner, it can often be difficult to find the time to market your website and drive more customers to it. However, with a few simple apps, you could boost your traffic with minimal effort or time needed.
Here are just some of the top apps available:


It goes without saying that social media is important for any online site. But many website owners struggle to combine the two without driving customers to social media sites and away from their actual website. Thankfully, Dockvine provides a unique solution to this by allowing you to integrate your social media channels on your website. Instead of directing customers to another web page to engage with your social media platforms, they’re able to interact with them through your website. This not only helps to increase your social reach but also makes sure you’re keeping your customers where you want them – on your website.


Within any marketing department, you’ll find a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising team working tirelessly to try and drive more traffic to a website. They use different programs, such as Google AdWords, to find the right keywords that their target audience is searching for. They then “bid” on these keywords so that when a customer searches for it, their website is shown at the top of the results in the paid advertisement section. And the best bit – you only pay when someone clicks on this advert.
However, PPC can be quite overwhelming, especially when you’re not used to it. You’ll want to make sure you’ve chosen the right keywords, that you’ve depicted the right audience and that you’ve maximized your reach (even if your budget can’t stretch as far as some of the bigger companies you’re competing with). SearchBoost helps to tackle this issue by targeting the right audience for your company, providing you with the equivalent of a specialist PPC team that will work to bring the most traffic to your website.


If you want to compete in your chosen market, it’s important that your company is present on social media. But again, this can be a time-consuming and intimidating prospect for someone who hasn’t done this before. Posting random things on Facebook isn’t, unfortunately, enough anymore, nor is just getting all of your friends to “like” your posts. And while organic social posts are essential for your SEO strategy so too are social ads.

To help you create these customized campaigns, SocialBoost works by using your budget and your target audience to create the best advertisements for you. Not only will your friends be able to see and “like” these posts but lots of new customers will also be presented with your company’s website in their newsfeed.


Even though Facebook and Google are key when you’re trying to get your site noticed, they aren’t the only networks that can drive traffic to your website. Other apps include things like GetTraffic, which will allow you to create an ad that’s specific to your industry, choose which countries you want to target and write awesome copy that will get your company noticed. Once you’ve done all this, the app will then work at getting your business noticed.

Targeting websites that are relevant to your website, GetTraffic will show your ad to these customers, not only generating more traffic for your website but traffic that is relevant to your business. This will provide you with more for your money and will create higher conversions as the customers are already looking for products / services like the ones you offer.

Lumifish Pop-Up

Sometimes, you may be having a promotion that you just need to shout about and the Lumifish Pop-up app will allow you to do just that. This tool allows you to create a message that will be shown to your website’s visitors when they arrive on the site. So whether you’ve got a new sale coming up or you’re offering some awesome discounts over the weekend, this app will allow you to shout about this to your customers.

The app can then drive customers to a specific page on your site, engaging your audience as soon as they’ve come to your website. This encourages them to take part in the promotion, efficiently driving more sales for your company.

Caitlin Hunter runs an e-commerce site and has taught herself how to drive traffic, and buyers, to her online store. She shares some tips online in her articles.