Subbscribe – Tumblr style opt-in popup form


Subbscribe is a beautiful opt-in form for MailChimp and CampaignMonitor.You know that nice little pop-up window that shows up when you scroll through Tumblr sites encouraging you to follow the account.

The only thing you need is jQuery and a MailChimp or CampaignMonitor form with the default name and email fields.


  • list – ‘MailChimp’ or ‘CampaignMonitor’
  • url – Your MailChimp/CampaignMonitor form URL. You can get it from the form embed script under the action attribute.
  • title – The window title
  • text – The text that will show up above the form when a user click to subscribe.
  • name – The name that will show up next to the thumbnail. This could be a link to a Twitter handle.
  • color – The color of the button.
  • thumbnail – A path to the thumbnail you wish to include. Make sure it’s a square as the plugin will scale it down to 40x40px
  • emailonly – If set to true, the name field will not be included in the opt-in form.
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