Favicon Generator – Free Photoshop + HTML Template


This free Photoshop + HTML template is gonna help you to generate and test automatically your favicons in every needed resolution.It’s been created by Chrometaphore ( Lorenzo)

Actually there are so many different sizes that should be provided to offer the best possible experience on different browsers and devices.


  • Once you save your edited favicons.psd document, you are mostly good to go.
    If you have File > Generate > Image assets checked, all assets will be generated
    directly into favicons-assets/ folder.

  • You can manually export your favicons usign File > Save for Web. Since this method
    uses slices, you are gonna have to do a little of spring cleaning into the generated
    assets/ folder.
    If you want to use the html template included in the .zip package,you might
    want to move your manually generated assets into favicons-assets/ folder.

    For compatibility with IE6-7-8-9-10 (doh!), you need to generate a .ico file out of the 16×16 png icon. To generate ico files with Photoshop, this free plugin does the trick: http://www.telegraphics.com.au/svn/icoformat/trunk/dist/README.html

    Download Favicon Generator