wysihtml – Open source rich text editor for the modern web


wysihtml is an extended and less strict approach on xing/wysihtml5 open source rich text editor based on HTML5 technology. The code is completely library agnostic: No jQuery, Prototype or similar is required.


  • Auto linking of urls as-you-type
  • Generates valid and semantic HTML5 markup
  • Can use class-names instead of inline styles
  • Unifies line-break handling across browsers
  • Auto-parses content inserted via copy & paste (from Word, Powerpoint, PDF, other web pages, etc.)
  • Converts invalid or unknown html tags into valid/similar tags
  • Source code view for users with HTML skills
  • Uses sandboxed iframes in order to prevent identity theft through XSS.
  • Editor inherits styles and attributes (placeholder, autofocus, etc.) from original textarea (you only have to style one element).
  • Speech-input for Chrome
  • wysihtml

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