Marka – Beautiful Transformable Icons Built for the Web


Marka is transform-able icon that designed beautifully and carefully to work on the web. Marka is designed to be easy to use and integrated with your website. Download the latest version of Marka or you can install it via Bower with bower install marka, put the files on your html file, and it’s ready to use.

Marka currently has 18 icons ready to use,If you feel you didn’t need all Marka icons, you can customize marka.css to pick icons based on your needs. To set icon you can use set() on Marka instance.


When you need to transform to another icon, just apply set() to that instance again.

By default, Marka set black (#000000) as default color of any icon. There are two ways to override the default color of your icon, using CSS directly or Marka API, color().

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