Mega Bundle ! 150 Best Presentation Mock-up Templates – $39 (Save $389)


Dealjumbo started another mega bundle for designers.Presentation mock-up templates.Mock-up templates are very trendy nowadays.With these presentation mock-up templates you can showcase your works in a very attractive way and of course they are time saving.

Presentation mock-up templates

Only $39 (Save $389)

This mega bundle contains 150 mock-up templates from 8 premium graphic designers. It covers all the major genres in mock-ups. This means you won’t have to worry about investing in mock-ups for a long time! Whether you want to create a branding presentation for client or post new artwork to take interest in, our mock-up presentations have you covered. All mock-up presentations are ready for use, saving you considerable time and effort.

What You Will Get:

– $428 worth of Top-Quality Mock-up Templates for Adobe Photoshop
more then 150 mock-ups from 8 premium design shops
– Logo, font & text mock-ups, 3D mock-ups, sketch book mock-ups, identity/branding mock-ups, poster mock-ups, magazine mock-ups, business card mock-ups, product box/package mock-ups, Apple devices mock-ups, billboard mock-ups & more..

Here are some examples:
1.Presentation mock-up templates

2.Presentation mock-up templates

3.Presentation mock-up templates

4.Presentation mock-up templates

5.Presentation mock-up templates

6.Presentation mock-up templates

7.Presentation mock-up templates

8.Presentation mock-up templates

9.Presentation mock-up templates

10.Presentation mock-up templates

Only $39 (Save $389)

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