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Since the past few years, WordPress themes have emerged like never before and evolved from single purpose themes to multipurpose themes. Due to this development the website owners are enjoying a problem free life.

But with this great development the market became competitive and the result of it gave birth to lot of options for a customer to choose from and, if you can believe it, it may have caused some difficulties for the customers to choose the right theme.

However, all the themes are different if you look closely at their features. Even though some may share a few functionalities, there are many differences between them. In this competitive market, some offer great features while some are limited and if we look at the possibilities of getting a customized look and great functionality, a good option would be Theme X.
1.theme x

Theme X is visually stunning and amazingly well customized WordPress theme.

Best thing about Theme X is that it has Stacks, which allows the customer to implement multiple designs and features from a single theme, having many possibilities which gives customers an astonishing WordPress design that can be made with little effort.

2.theme x

Before you raise a question about the limitations of not having an admin panel, let me take you to the process of this whole structure.

Benefits of this provider are represented by the fact that you can observe the changes on the spot while customizing your website. This means that you can change the theme design, buttons, text, photos with a click of a button if you don’t like how they look.

X 2.0

The new release of X is improved with a new stack! That means it has even more options and variations in theme within the range of 60$. And with the best technical support, their customers’ workflow is extremely simple.

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Customer Testimonial

There are a few top plugins out there but themes are a different story. This is by far the best theme you can buy end of! Genesis may be good but this rocks. A bit of a steep learning curve but after a week or two it will be all second nature. The developers have realised there is a bigger market out there than just IT geeks, once your average designer or beginner hears about this theme I think it will go viral. Brilliant work, now make it into something really BIG!


How to win

Hurry up! There is a chance to win the X license for absolutely free. All you need is to put your view below and let us know that what is the purpose of yours to use X Theme and what’s the purpose of using it. Within few days from now we will choose the luck member as the winner. Wish you a good luck.
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