Things You Do That Will Kill Your WordPress Blog


Whether unintentional or not, we do such things to our blog that could instantly kill it. We try to maintain our wordpress blogs in a way that audience could rely and be entertained. But sometimes, there are things we may not be aware of that can destroy the blog we built and took care for a long time.

Here are the things you may be doing that would eventually make your blog disappear on the scene.


Poorly designed blog

They say, what more important is the content of a blog not its design. This is not true because the design is the first to get the interest of the users. They would primary care about the harmonious and inviting environment, easy navigation tools, quick downloading speed, and accessible menus, categories and archives the website has before they will get the interest in reading the contents in it. Put the effort in making the design first because poorly designed blogs never get persistent views.

Not active in posting

Who will visit a blog if there’s nothing to see in it? Actively posting on your blog like creating a daily post helps to increase page views that will make your blog even more popular. Once, twice, or weekly post isn’t enough to update your blog and keep it alive. We can’t sometimes think of topics to write about this is why we should read and explore more to keep our blogs updated. Never try to post irrelevant and unrelated articles. You can post related images and videos if you really can’t produce good topics to share.

Clunky URLs

When you create a post, give it a good url that people can easily read and search engines can easily index. Include recognizable words that are relevant to the post. Look at these few tips in making an SEO friendly URL.

Short form:
Long form + tracking digits:
Date + long form:

Limited sharing of posts on social media

How about you use social media to promote your blog updates? You will still have the exclusive possession even if you share it everywhere on the web (if this is your worry). WordPress and social media sites have collaborated to help your blog easily reach your target audience.

Forgetting to fill out title and description fields

Remember that search engines don’t see the way online users see your page. They are up to the onpage side of your blog. To tell search engines what the page is all about, don’t forget to fill out the basic meta data like title page and meta descriptions.

No blog network

Find ways to be more visible in the world wide web. One of the easiest ways is to be associated with other blogs. Networking with other wordpress sites is a great way to get designing and blogging advices, learn more tools to use to design your site, gain more readers and have higher traffic, and be invited to participate in blogathon and such wordpress workshops.

Having too many distracting ads

Ads are good for a website because these are added income and it shows that the site is established enough to be contacted for ad posting. But too many ads can distract readers from viewing your site. If you would allow ads, be sure that the placement is right.

Not being generous

Be generous to your avid readers by giving giveaways on your blog. This is a big trend in the blogging world that can attract visitors as well as great traffic to your site.

There are tons of users online who research for websites they can get what they want from. If your goal is to help them, you should keep your blog alive. This way, you are not only fulfilling their needs, you are also establishing a good web career.