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Today, you would find thousands of WordPress themes to use in your WordPress blog or website; however, some WordPress themes are paid and some are free, so you can use any theme according to your convince. Across the world, there are loads of people, who are keen to develop their own WordPress themes that they have in their imagination and mind. Using different WordPress themes in your blog and website is quite common, but developing a WordPress theme is not common among businessmen.
Well, it is easily possible for them to create some exceptional and feature-rich themes using WordPress theme generators that are obtainable on the web. WordPress users can make use of WordPress theme generators to expand flexible and easy-to-use themes that best their business requirements. If it sounds you good as well, you can check out below mentioned WordPress theme generators that allow you to create state-of-the-art WP themes.

WP Theme Generator

wordpress theme generatorThe most popular theme generator ‘WP theme Generator’ allow you to develop a range of themes with a variety of features and functionalities.

  • Generate corporate level to art level themes: From arts to corporate level themes can be developed using WP theme generator. Users of this generator can make use of it’s over 300 predesigned responsive themes.
  • Get Fully responsive WP Themes: WP theme generator allows you to develop a fully responsive WordPress theme that supports multiple devices like smart-phones, tablet, laptops and desktops.
  • Range of Features: The best thing about this generator is that it allows you to enjoy lots of features that include fully-functional, 100% responsive theme, over 50 fonts to choose from, develop unlimited layouts and add, change and design any element as per your choice.


HeadWay Themes

wordpress theme builderHeadWay is a godsend technology that enables you to build any theme that you think in your mind. By using HeadWay Theme generator, it becomes easily possible for you to expand any type of theme as per your business category like restaurant theme, spa & beauty theme and more.

  • Develop Design that you are looking for: Using design editor of this theme generator, you are allowed to expand and customize nearly any element that you wish. You can add background images, rounded corners, box shadows, and more!
  • Ability to Add numerous Colors & Fonts:You can customize any page, add colors, fonts and much more with this generator, so develop lots of WP themes and enjoy numerous features.


The Elegant Themes Builder

wordpress theme builderWhen it comes to talk about the elegant theme builder, it is a great plugin that offers incomparable tools for expanding themes. It develops a visual drag and drop canvas, where you are allowed to add, arrange and re-size advanced elements on your pages. Create columns, toggles, sliders, tabs, boxes and more with this builder as it appears below the normal text editor. Through this editor, you can quickly create a post, unique canvas, page and other important stuff.



wordpress theme builderUltimatum is one of the best WordPress theme generators that offer unlimited design and functionalities options. Without the need of any coding skills and knowledge, you can generate a perfect WordPress theme for your website or blog.

  • Hassle-free Theme Generator: Now, ultimatum makes it extremely easy to create a highly effective WP theme that best meets with your site requirements.
  • Drag & Drop layout Builder: Stuffed with lots of features, this theme generator offers real drag & drop layout builder, unlimited templates, numerous shortcodes, develop a range of forms, unlimited fonts and more. Make use of this theme generator and develop a great WP theme.



wordpress theme builderBefore it was not easily possible to develop WordPress themes, but Lubith makes it easily possible for you as it allows you to develop an excellent theme as per your desire. Drag, drop, few clicks and you will get a perfect WP theme that you are looking for your website and blog.

  • No Need of Code: Users of this generator can design, edit and use their theme without needing to write a single line of code.
  • Save time and money: You do not have to waste your lots of precious time to design and develop a WP theme with this generator. You also do not have to spend your money on programming as Lubith does this job efficiently for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Just make use of this theme generator and get an outstanding WordPress theme.


iThemes Builder

wordpress theme builderiThemes Builder is one of the best theme builders that allow you to create WordPress theme quickly and easily without any hassle. Using this theme, you can create your own layouts and excellent themes that will response easily to different screen sizes like phones, tablets, desktop and more.

  • The Layout Editor: The layout editor of this theme generator is extremely powerful as it allows you to select from the building blocks of website by inserting modules like navigation, header, widget bars and more.
  • Any Type of Theme can be Developed: The best thing about this generator is that it allows you to develop any type of WP theme that includes child themes, allure themes, classic themes, flex and many more. So, make sure to use this WP theme generator, if you are looking to expand a magnificent theme to meet your requirements.



wordpress theme builderPageLines is superior quality WordPress theme maker that lets you develop professional themes for your WordPress sites and blogs.

  • User-friendly: This theme generator is extremely easy to use for anyone, and users can develop a complete range of themes as per their requirements using this user-friendly theme generator.
  • Faster & Better: To build WP themes for your site and blog is faster than before as this maker comes with numerous features that enable you to develop better themes.



wordpress theme builderArtisteer is one of the best WP theme generators that create unique, exceptional and attractive WordPress website template and blog themes.

  • No need to learn Photoshop: By using this theme generator, you can easily expand wonderful themes without learning Photoshop, CSS, HTML and other technologies.
  • A Perfect theme to meet your requirements: Artisteer allows you to develop all types of WP themes irrespective type and kind.



wordpress theme builderThemeFrame is an exceptional WP creation tool that runs on Apple as well as Windows desktop computers. You can use this generator without any hassle as this creator tool comes with spectrum of features that make it easy for you to develop themes.

  • Create Browser-safe Themes: By using this generator, you are allowed to develop browser safe theme which is not easily possible with any other generator.
  • Unlimited Themes: It allows you to develop unlimited themes of your desire, so make use of this theme generator and develop a complete range of themes.


Template Toaster

wordpress theme builderTemplate Toaster is an outstanding WordPress theme maker that offers you advance WordPress design options including custom page template design, custom widget area design and more.

  • Support with HTML5/CSS3: It supports with HTML5 and CSS3 along with other popular specifications and output standard compliant looking templates and themes.
  • Completely Responsive themes: You are able to create 100% responsive WP themes that supports with different devices like smart-phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.


Carrington Build

wordpress theme builderNow, it becomes easily possible for you to create WordPress page layouts and themes with Carryington build as it is a simple and easy to drag and drop. Using content modules and wordPress sidebars, you can freely create any theme that is possible.

  • Anyone can build a Page: Carryington Build enables all the people to build an immaculate WP theme as this generator requires no special skills and expertise.


ThemeStarta Editor

wordpress theme builderThe ThemeStarta Editor is a WordPress Theme generator that allows you to develop and customize premium WP themes independently. Users can use this theme maker to build astonishing WP themes from scratch to sell.

  • Huge layout flexibility: ThemeStarta’s layout flexibility is unparalleled ad it designs blog style themes, magazine style themes, news style themes, review themes, business themes and many more.



wordpress theme builderTemplatr is another great WordPress theme generator that enables you to develop any type of WordPress theme according to your choice and business requirement.

  • Easy to Use Generator: Using this WP theme generator is quite easy as you just need to select a layout then upload the graphic stuffs like pictures and more. However, you can also use designer from this generator to design your theme and once it is developed, you can download it to use in your blog and website.
  • Stuffed with numerous Features: Templatr considered as the best theme generator due to its variety of features and functionalities that allow users to develop WP themes easily.


WordPress Theme Generator for Noobs

wordpress theme builderThis online generator allows you to develop your own WP theme to give unique and your wished look to your site as well as blog.

  • No Need of Language Knowledge: There is no need to use any skills like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and more to generate theme. An inexperienced person can also develop a perfect WordPress theme as per his/her desire.
  • Compatibility: You are allowed to change the colors, preview live, and set many settings and more according to your choice. Through this generator, you can develop themes that support WordPress 2.1 to 3.4. You will get such themes that support with Widgets & tags.


Insta Builder

wordpress theme builderInsta Builder lets you create feature-rich and amazing WordPress theme that give an extraordinary look to your blog and website. You can use this generator easily without needing any coding and programming language.


Page Layout Builder

wordpress theme builderPage Layout Builder is another extraordinary WP theme builder that is easy and simple to use for WP bloggers and site owners. Users of this theme creator do not have to learn HTML or any other coding language to design a theme. However, users can use approximately 3000 widgets from wordpress.org in order to place them indie their page content. Moreover, it is very popular WP theme creator that used by loads of people worldwide, so use this create and develop a perfect theme.


Ether Content Builder

wordpress theme builderEther content builder is a powerful WP theme generator tool that can be used to expand custom themes with creative visual composer and other features. Stuffed with popular used widgets, this generator allows users to develop any type of theme that they have in their imagination. No coding knowledge is required to develop any WP theme, so users what are you waiting for, just make use of this tool.


Visual Composer for WordPress

wordpress theme builderVisual composer for WordPress is a time-saving and money-saving WP theme generator that allows you to develop simple to complex WP theme as per your desires in just few minutes. It helps you to build top and modern technologies themes that give attractive look to your WP site or blog. Now, no more errors with shortcodes magic as this generator will take care of everything.


Minimax – Drag and Drop Layout Builder

wordpress theme builderNow, it is extremely easy for you to create wordpress theme as Minimax – layout builder is ingenious theme generator tool that makes it easy for you to expand any type of WordPress theme with numerous features. To use this tool, you do not have to learn HTML or any other coding language so ensure that you use this tool to generate your favorable WP theme.


Modernize – Flexibility of WordPress

wordpress theme builderModernize is a modern WordPress theme customization tool that can be used discover many new features in your theme. It enables you to drag and drop module as it comes with lots of options that can change color elements as per your requirements. However, it also allows you to expand unlimited sidebar, choosing over 350 fonts. So, WP users can use this theme generator tool and get a perfect theme of their desire.

Conclusion: So, these are the most popular and most used WordPress Theme Generators that allow you to generate your desired WordPress themes for your different WordPress websites and blogs. By using these theme generators, you are allowed to expand any type and kind of theme that best meet with your site’s requirements.


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