E-commerce Website Navigation: 14 Essential Tips


Navigation on site plays a significant function as it assists and shows path to Web surfer to continue surfing for desired products or services on a website rather than leaving the site. It is very frustrating, if users fail to locate what they are searching for, then they are likely to bounce off the website.
In an e-commerce website where a sale or a bounce is just one click away, navigation turns out to be very important. A clear, prearranged and reliable navigation will assist users to locate products in minimum number of clicks.
The different examples of ecommerce site navigation list as follows:

ecommerce navigation

Minimizes Number of Clicks

Successful e-commerce site navigation should develop simple site navigation because that is going to make website surfer to achieve desired pages without difficulties. There are numbers of methods to understand the state of mind of the consumer. Successful e-commerce navigation should make it very simple as possible for customers to locate what they desire and receive relevant product page as speedily as possible.

Filtered and Top Navigation

Filtered navigation is necessary and important as it saves lots of time, and it is easy to locate desired services and products. It generates results for the customer to get their desired results on services and products on selection by eradicating useless results, which are irrelevant to them.
For authentic enquirers, who desire to know complete information related to products collection or services with minimal dispute, then for users, the web owner require offering a medium that exhibits the complete set of information without lacking too many clicks? At present, the finest method of doing this is through multi-layered dropdowns in your top navigation.

Navigation Bars

Most specific and important studies point out that a user’s observation obviously evolves from left to right; consequently, put navigation bars to the left. In addition, you will almost certainly have more space for information if the navigation bar runs down the left side of the screen.

Create Mega Menu

It is best for all navigational elements are very well linked by utilizing customary principles for links like buttons, menus, underlining the text or altering color on mouse. Avoid the use of unclear names for links.
Drop-down menus are very much used and general feature on e-commerce sites and are very well used while they allow shoppers to take a shortcut to the product category or sub-category they are searching for and also offering a probability to endorse positive products or offers.

Navigation by Color

Whatever you implement navigation with color, it will depend on the products and the size offered on site, In addition, the color can go parallel with product series to make it look valuable possession. The background color and product color should differ from each other and look attractive in viewing.

User-Friendly Navigation

The navigation model in an E-Commerce website should be very straightforward and simple to recognize. Since online shoppers cannot experience and touch neither the online store nor its products. So, let your audience navigates via the site without difficulty and you provide to their requirement.

Make Responsive structure

Design once and sell every platform

There are numerous big retailers have introduced apps to balance their website, this selection is not more often than not practicable for smaller retailers. Therefore, the appearance of responsive structure based on web design, which the site obeys the rules to the individual need of the devices such as iPad, SmartPhones etc. viewed on – provides the ideal solution.

Product & Service Presentation

Successful and efficient product/service presentation makes pleasant for visitor and they will have better experience. This is the primary notions behind the success in the extremely viable World of electronic commerce. A professional design is the first point a standpoint customer believes when appraises a company on the Internet.

SEO Friendly Structure

eCommerce web services are developed on numerous pages and have many of links. When a user visits your website, make sure that user locate the site in minimum time and with the minimum clicks. Faster and speedily, the user locate desired result, the more overwhelmed the user will be with your site.
Regarding an eCommerce site development, programmers should always keep in mind to maintain codes simple and organized. This will guarantee that the website is without difficulty indexed by the search engine crawlers that progresses your ranking in the progression. A sparkling framework also guarantees quicker navigation.

Safe and Secure Payment Options

eCommerce websites perform daily basis transaction with numerous customers from all over the world and they each have their own chosen payment system. Furthermore, there are limited payment method selections and before going for transaction, it is better to clarify payment options in advance.
Online stores for maximum of time make usage of credit and debit cards, gift vouchers, and cash on delivery, PayPal, and many other choices as their foremost payment system. You can easily and without any issue can locate these payment icons at the footer or on the top right corner of sites.

Put Latest Announcement on Home Page

People more often than not make a decision very rapidly whether they like a website or not, that is why you should clutch their attention in a matter of seconds upon their entry to the site by discount and festival announcement or else they will slip to other site for lucrative offers. Nothing draws superior and quicker than discounts. Numerous of people feel ecstasy during discount offers, and purchase anything at cut prices.

Offer Coupons & Vouchers

Promotion considered as basis requirement of marketing. It is the best link between sellers and buyers for the purpose of buying and selling. eCommerce site offering striking discounts and offers on diverse product and services assists in escalating your customer stand and speed up the expansion of your business.
Coupons and vouchers used for sales promotions. Discount coupons and vouchers plays side role in promoting your site and boost your customer base. It is one of the most valuable online marketing tools.
Banners and Events: In eCommerce Website banners displays products and services offered. Well-developed and customizable banners that rapidly make shoppers attracted to the ecommerce site to have a look and make purchase.

Free and Quick Shipping services

Free shipping service is very popular with masses. National and international service considers the shipping costs. To save themselves from unnecessary shipping expenses, numerous online stores more often than not adjust the least order price to adjust shipping costs.

Proper Sitemap

A Sitemap is a record of the entire pages that your site has and that surely assists search engines in discovering them. It boosts the probability that the search engines will locate all your indexed URLs. Sitemap provide excellent visibility to search engines, boost the procedure of product indexing and assist visitors to locate precise product.

More people are assembling online to catch their desired products or services. However, an online surfer will have necessarily alike intellect website navigator. You require guaranteeing that your business website’s search tools are easy and spontaneous for those who are less technologically liable.


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