5 Annoying Ecommerce Customer Experiences and Solutions to Overcome


Internet is flooded with indefinite numbers of ecommerce websites. Almost everyone today has a website for promoting his/her products and services online to earn money and reputation. But, if you ask is everyone experiencing the necessary conversions from online, the answer is “NO!” In fact, only a few succeed while others falter easily. The reason for failure is primarily due to dissatisfied customers. Failing to convert the leads to potential customers is the toughest hurdle most online businesses face each and every day and most times annoying customers is the found to be solitary reason. What annoys the customers often times and forces them to abandon the cart? This article shines a light on the annoying factors and offers solutions to overcome them easily.

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Poor designing

Well, most fundamental and crucial annoying factor experienced by customers to leave the shopping cart is poor designing of the shopping cart. If your shopping cart is not designed with user-friendly and easy-to-navigate options, your customers obviously won’t love to shop here. A shopping cart with perplexing designs could drive any customer mad and forces them to leave the cart instantly.

Solution: The best and ideal way to overcome this problem is by hiring a professional web designer with adept skills. Explain your entire business plans and mention them how you want your shopping cart to be! They’ll use all their profound experiences to come up with a stunner. However, you may have to invest some serious money on calling a designer. Another alternate and cost-effective option would be looking out for a professional and high-quality theme for designing your shopping cart. Today, we have 1000s of beautiful and user-friendly themes available online using which improving your shopping cart designing won’t be tough.

Slow page load

Page loading is one of the nightmarish factors that affect customers from purchasing a product. In general, page load of web pages is expected to be within time frame of 10-15 seconds. However, poor designing and incorporation of too many images as well as extensions would easily increase the page load time which in turn tests the patience of your customers. It has been state more than 40% customers are forced to leave carts without even purchasing. Page loads check the patience of customers when they try to add or delete products on the shopping cart.


Solution: The only solution you can try out is zeroing in the page loads. How to achieve it? Well, today we have the state-of-the-technology and tools. The advent of technology has given as a special option called Ajax which could improve the speed performance of your web pages remarkably. It is a great tool as it just fetches the data which is requested by customers and leaves the other fields untouched to come up with search results at a much faster rate. On implementing Ajax on site, your web page never requires any refresh whenever a customer adds or deletes products which assures fast access.

Little product description

Often times customers are left with no or a little information about the products while searching. Remember, adding more product information is the ideal way to make your customers engaged to the website. A little amount of product description would create suspense in the minds of the customers forcing them to some other sites or internet to learn more about the product. On any cost, you have maximum risk of losing the customers which is not recommended.

Solution: Add more creative and exciting product description about the products to woo customers. Come up with a powerful product description including features, end-use, specialties, and benefits to create unusual curiosity in the minds of the customers. A product copy on the shopping cart undoubtedly would do wonders for your business leading to hefty sales in no time. To make the description work much better for your business, add some elements of SEO to your description. Just watch the sales improvement in the upcoming days! It will be awesome!

Manual search options

Even a great inventory with 1000s of products fails to incorporate automated search options for the customers. This could be most annoying to customers as they have to look out for the products manually every time on the main product page. This consumes a lot of time and obviously they have to flip through pages for checking each and every product. This could really produce a spark of anger on any customer’s mind to decide them against shopping.

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Solution: Include automated search options in the form of drop down menus to impress customers. Just a click on the respective product is will land them exactly on the particular product without any fuzz. The customers won’t have to leave the page; at the same time, they will be allowed to search the desired products quite easily they wished to. It saves a lot of time for them which in turn brings in profit for your business.

Forced log-in at checkout

Most often, people are forced to fill up too many details while purchasing a product, irrespective of the purchase they make. People really hate such of kind of forced form fillings that too especially before purchasing a product. When the customers are too near to make a purchase, asking them to fill up a form with surplus personal details would force them to lose trust on your site which in turn leads to losing a potential customer.

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Solution: The simple and easiest solution would be asking the customers not to fill up forms before purchasing and making the form filling an optional factor. By making the entire form filling program optional, the customers if they want to will go through the process or else just close the form to leave your site with the purchased product satisfactorily.


I hope everyone has developed a fair bit of idea from the above-said annoying factors experienced by ecommerce customers and how to overcome them effectively. In fact, there are numerous factors apart that lead to customer loss from the ones that I have mentioned above. However, these are primary reasons that force customers to leave the cart without purchasing. So, negotiate these problems and help your business grow rapidly.

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