Is Investing in a Mobile App Worth the Squeeze?


Let’s talk some facts first –

Believe it or not, about a 100 million people, in fact a little more than that will buy their first app enabled mobile device this year. Smartphones will be sold way more than desktop computers. By 2020, about 1 billion people will buy Smartphones enabled with apps, while more than 2 billion people are expected to use apps on their Smartphones according to relevant sources.

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Enough of facts already; every business today is seen, gearing up the strategy to build up a mobile app. Why? Because clearly, mobile technology is booming; it has taken off as a revolutionary methodology. Already, there are more people that use mobile to access even the minutest of information rather than using their desktops or laptops to do the job.

Although, it’s strange that mobile doesn’t have one facet, the technology has different aspects. Websites, apps, and the short texting service form the foundation. Mobile advertising and payments are worthy of mention. Difficult to decide, though, which one needs the primary focus.

Nevertheless, people apparently have been looking at websites specially optimized for mobile. The debate has started since then, as to which one has more meat, mobile website or mobile app? Or rather is it worth investing in a mobile app? Well, you could agree somewhat on this that mobile apps have their own USP, as they offer far better experience than a simple mobile optimized website. So, they have a definite edge.

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Coming back to the question- Is it worth considering to invest in a mobile app? Will the juice be worth the squeeze? Well, to answer that, many businesses jump onto investing in a mobile app without being informed of the right reasons. This is not something that would gain success overnight, hence the primary reason to building these apps should look at long term goals. Since mobile industry is growing leaps and bounds, one can list numerous reasons to invest in one.

However, let’s see some of the prominent ones here –

Easiest pathway to clients

We have discussed a lot of stats already, so let’s not go into that again. By the way, someone even quoted, ‘iPhones are being sold like babies are born’. With that being said, mobile revolution is just beginning to happen. And its time you may consider shifting your focus to mobile app development and be where your audience is. This is probably the best way to appear in the worthy books of your customers. However, it is important that a mobile app doesn’t miss out on pushing out new updates and content to keep the interest intact.

Xtra mile, Xtra value

This is pretty evident, but an important one. A mobile app usually allow companies to give out infotainment and value to a customer as well as the company itself, that would not otherwise be imparted. Online retailers are able to personally appeal to the consumers by offering better products and giveaway coupons.

Engage !

Once your mobile app hits the dart, which means if it goes out right and does exactly what it was intended for, a buzz is surely going to be created. Engagment can be established by talking about the app on top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. However, there is nothing better than an app that steadily feeds the immediate need of the user. Remember, the customer carries your brand 24/7 in the name of a mobile app.

The Emotional Bond

This is the most valid and logical reasons of all. People today are emtionally addicted to their Smartphones. Think like a business owner, and ask yourself – why don’t we try and come up with something that would attach them even more to their devices? You will get an answer automatically. Considering this emotional touch, the trend can be capitalized on by introducing a mobile app and striking the immediate need of the user with an intimate and personalized experience.

Mobile website – not really

According to a study, users are able to get a firm grip on mobile apps than mobile sites. Companies investing in mobile apps stand a better chance to build reputation and create a better experience for their existing as well as future customers. The increased usability of mobile apps would definitely increase the chances of positive interaction with the customers and a slight possibility of the amplification of your marketing words through exisiting customers.

You just read some of the top reasons why you would ever consider investing your hard-earned money in a mobile app. However, it all depends on the business, if it really wants to go for it. Budget is something that should always be kept in mind before leaping ahead. Nonetheless, we just got to learn, it could doubtedlessly be rewarding to invest in a mobile app.

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