How Can You Eliminate Distractions in Logo Designing When Working From Home


If you are a freelancing logo designer who has just begun to work from his/her own home, you must be wondering how you can eliminate distraction in logo designing when working from home. Every person who used to work, at some point, in an office finds it very difficult to adjust to working from home. In office too there were distractions. But then it would always play at the back of their mind that the superiors are watching. Thus they cannot afford go loiter around and let the boss feel that they are not doing sufficient amount of work. But once these people start working as a freelancer from home, there is no fear of the superiors and there is definitely no one watching.

Eliminate Distractions in Logo Designing When Working From Home

So, the motivation and the drive to keep your one’s head in the work all day long, goes or at least, decreases. If you are in this situation, then you will know exactly what this is all about. Working from home has some prominent disadvantages for people who are new to it. For one, there is no one to tell you how much you should finish in a day and no one to stop you from lazing around. On top of that, if you live with your family or you have people living with you, they can often turn into distractions as well. So, here are some tips which may help you to avoid falling prey to these distractions.

1. The first thing you need to do while learning how you can eliminate distractions in logo designing when working from home, is that you need your own workplace. You may feel that all you need to work from home is your computer or laptop and a desk. But if you try this, you will soon find out how wrong you were. Till you have a space that is dedicated solely for your work you will never feel motivated enough., The problem with sitting and working on your dining table or in you r bedroom is that you do not feel the seriousness of the situation. The comfort and leisure of staying at home, takes over. So if you are serious about being a successful logo designer, get yourself your own separate office.
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2. Since you are working from home, at least in the beginning, the boundaries between your work time and time for home-related tasks will tend to be blurred. You will often feel like squeezing in a little bit of house hold work in between your professional work. But you need to remind yourself that this is not recommended at all. If you are serious about your profession you have to take out time that will be dedicated only to your work and nothing else. This way you can both be more professional in your approach, and more productive.

3. Even though you are working from home, it does not mean that you are available to talk or that you are even free. How many times have you been disturbed by friends or family who just assume that you will be free and ready to talk to them? It is not their fault, as their assumption is based on the fact that you are always at home. So, it is your responsibility to make everyone understand that you have a certain amount of fixed time that is dedicated to work and only work. The best way to do that is to keep the door of your office closed and hang a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign. Do not show flexibility when it comes to your work time.
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4. Make sure that you have time set aside for everything, just like you would in a corporate workplace. This means that you need to set a time for lunch, tea etc. These breaks should neither be unreasonably short nor too long. The best part about giving yourself such breaks is that you will automatically program your brain to relax at fixed times. This would reduce the urge to look for entertainment during the time that is assigned for work.

5. The other important thing that you should do while trying to eliminate distractions in your logo design when working form home is to finish the tasks that are worrying you, first. These may not exactly be something that is related to work. But remember that logo designing is something that requires you to pour you heart and soul in to the task. So, if there is something else always poking you at the back of your head, can you deliver work that will be up to the mark, within the specified time? Chances are that the answer will be no. Therefore it is always better to get the tasks off your mind that may distract you from logo designing.

6. Now here is one point that can make all freelancers who work from home, happy. If you work from your own home, you must have felt at some time that your house hold work should be squeezed in within your break times. You should probably spend your breaks cleaning your home or doing the dishes, because housework is important too, right? No. When work is your priority then you should build your routine in such a way that everything revolves around it. Your break times are the little gaps that you need in order to refresh your brain and mind. This is not the time to engage yourself in some other kind of tedious job. This makes the whole point of taking the break worthless. Even if there is some work that you just cannot put off any further, try to combine it with some relaxing activity, e.g. listen to some soothing music while doing the dishes.
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7. The last and the most important skill that you have to acquire in order to be a successful logo designer when working from home, is the ability to say no to people. Most find it difficult to say no, especially to ones who mean a lot to them. But if you want to eliminate distractions in logo designing when working from home, you have to let your near and dear ones understand that your work hours are strictly for working. Just because you are at home, they cannot force you to fulfil their demands or take care of their needs. The only one who can make them realise this is you. So make sure, the next time someone tries to steal your time, you make them feel that they are doing some injustice to you and that you do not appreciate such behaviour. No need to be rude, all you have to do is to be strict.
The above points are some of the useful ones that can answer help answer your question, how can you eliminate distractions in logo designing when working from home.