When WordPress and jQuery Plugins go together


WordPress is one of the most popular open source content management systems in the world. The greatest thing about WordPress is the possibility to use it for powering any kind of site you can imagine. Sometimes it may lack dynamic and in this case jQuery appears to be the perfect solution.jQuery is a nice way to create awesome animations and interactions and improve navigation of your web site. Being user-friendly and simple to understand jQuery has become very popular approach displaying texts, images etc. without Flash technologies. When WordPress and jQuery are combined in one theme the results may be really astonishing!

We’d like to show you some of the results of such a lucky combination on the basis of Template Monster WordPress themes collection.

WordPress Theme + jCarousel

jCarousels are just indispensable if you want to show your visitors a number of images in an attractive and simple way. It looks great at the design studio WordPress template below.
Demo Page


WordPress Theme + jQuery Image Gallery

Image Gallery created with the help of jQuery is ideal for a portfolio or a set of photos you are eager to demonstrate.
Demo Page


WordPress Theme + jQuery background image slideshow

This jQuery plugin gives you a nice chance to add vivid colours and dynamic to your WordPress template. Other than that, it is a fine way to display big background images on your site.
Demo Page


WordPress Theme + jQuery Slider

jQuery Slider is the most popular and easy way to show some images or content at your WordPress site. This plugin can be used appropriately at any website, for example at a cooking one we offer.
Demo Page


WordPress + jQuery Background picker

This jQuery plugin is an original way to attract attention of your visitors – let them choose the design of your site. They will like it for sure!
Demo Page


WordPress Theme + Featured jQuery Content Slider

Featured jQuery Content Slider offers you both dynamic and user-friendly navigation. This fashion blog template is a nice example of the prefect use of this plugin.
Demo Page


WordPress Theme + jQuery Slider with scrollbar

Scrollbar makes this jQuery Slider look fresh and original.
Demo Page


WordPress Theme + jQuery Accordion

Not so popular but interesting jQuery Accordion plugin will help you to attract attention to the most important content of your site.
Demo Page


WordPress Theme + jQuery Image Zoomer

Gives your visitor an opportunity to enlarge the picture they like and see it in details. It’s really useful for portfolio sites like the template below.
Demo Page


WordPress Theme + jQuery Gallery with fancy transition effect

Transition Effect used in this template adds some special appeal to the Design studio template. It seems to do the same for any website it is used for.
Demo Page

Get interested? Please find more impressive WordPress and jQuery combinatiobs at templatemonster.com!