My First Love:Ms Paint – 40+ Beautiful and Creative Drawings


Ok i know Ms Paint has never been the first choice for most of us in the past but for its simplicity, it rapidly became one of the most used applications in the early versions of Windows.The first version of  Ms Paint was introduced in the first Windows version but it was a the product of ZSoft Corporation.Ms Paint was later renamed to Paintbrush in Windows 3.0, but the name was changed back to Paint in Windows 95 and later.(source Wiki)..I don’t know if you ever used Ms Paint so much but as you can see below examples you can also create beautiful drawings.

Today’s showcase is from the talented MS Paint users from DeviantArt and i hope you like them all.

Kasane Ted – MS paint by yesi-chan

Dedicated to MS Paint. B1 by PirateGirl-Tetra

Hatsune Miku – MS paint by Minami-05

Kyo Sohma in Ms Paint by Misuzu-Gao

Zero-G Slowdance MS PAINT by PatrickHines

MS Paint Practice by Astelyn

N95 in MS Paint – KuneriLite by bencizdim

Ms Paint Forest by Blubird101

Dark Girl in MS Paint by shukei20

Gift Art in MS Paint by ill-coupre

MS PAINT Nirvana by hizuki24

More fun with MS PAINt by spookydoom

MSPaint Drawing by r3v3n4nT

MSPaint-A Whisper by Dark-Taser

MSPaint Two-Face by Ahrjey

Kazuya::MSPAINT by 00AzNPr1d300

MSPaint Phoenix by CrossMirage

MSpaint artwork by daryll666

MSPaint PWNS by Giraffics

My MSPAINT Sonic -COMPLETE- by silverblade989

MSpaint is my first love. by Moonlight-Echidna

Link and more Links – MSPaint by songosai

Mspaint – Kuroshitsuji by gigaad

Shadow link MSpaint by Anime-Yokai-Mckai

Mspaint Ninetales by Jiayi

Finland – MSPaint by Reki-tan

MSpaint:AerrowxPiper by Anime-Yokai-Mckai

MSPaint – Lavi by Naoko-Miharu

Mspaint Rampardos by Jiayi

Kagome Higurashi – MSPaint by Shinigami-Mero-Chan

MSPaint Abracadabra Pony by hollowzero

MSPaint Dolphin by PantTahti

Longhaired wolf MSpaint lines by SterlingRuinsFall337

The Surrounding Wood – MSPaint by alice-top

MSPaint Meme 2, Cid Highwind by straya

MSPaint Puppy by frisket17

Mspaint Glaceon by Jiayi

Tomoyo on MSPaint by artistswan89

MSpaint: Stork by Anime-Yokai-Mckai

MSpaint – sarang by JL89

Mspaint – Ruki by gigaad

MSpaint Deidei by orangeraccoon66

MSPaint Madness by Falloway