30 Amazing and Meaningful Action Photos From Real Life


As an amateur photographer,action photography is also one of my interests.These kind of photos not only pause the life but also they are all really meaningful.With one photo you can tell everything without using hundreds of words.And i believe that,this way is more effective most of the time.Today i’ve collected some action photos from X1 and belive me,as i mentioned,all are really meaningful photos of life.We all have to respect to photographers who achived to take these photos and below ones are cridet to the respective owners.

Thank you guys for all of these.

Here are 30 action photos from real life.Hope you like them

Pacu Jawi (Cow’s Race)
Muhammad Fadli

This photo show a contestant of Cow’s Race held in West Sumatra. This cultural event is different than other place in Indonesia. Held in the muddy ricefield along with its unique moments make this events become an interesting subject to be photographed.

Juanjo Valverde

La Tomatina Buñol, held the last Wednesday of August each year, brings together over 40,000 people each year, taking the protagonist to tomato

Jump From The Ship
A. Zahron

Children  jump from ships that are anchored in the Harbor Makassar.

Aero Dance

Sunset Ride

This is from a magazine shoot from Chris  where they were testing motocross boots.

Shot Of A Drop Shot
Lex Augusteijn

Colored water drop shot by a bullet.Whole schene itself shot by a 40D.
The secondary drop on top of the water cone is still intact, while the cone itself was pierced by the bullet.

Mystical Rail
Tristan Shu
Rider: Gus Kenworthy

Edgar The Great
Jure Kravanja

The Jump
Christor Lukasiewicz

Vedran Vidak

Wild horses on these pastures, almost fifty years of living under the open sky, left to themselves, weather conditions, strong winters and attacking wild animals in the surrounding woods is a lot. Survive only thanks to regions that are rich grass.

Hal Bickham

This is a reload of 21831 without tent

Shazeen Samad

Fire Breathing Dragon
A. Dragon

Mark B Bartosik

Born To Surf lll
Lina Ianeva

F-18F Super Hornet

David F. Brown

Although traveling very fast, this F-18F Super Hornet is not breaking the sound barrier. This vapor cone is a phenomenon known as the Prandtl-glauert singularity.

Kim’s Portrait
Paul Kennedy

Portrait of Kim Do, co-captain of the University of California Irvine Women’s Swim Team

Daniel Hasselberg

Wawan Setiawan

Shlomi Nissim

Aerial Ballet
S J Carter

This particular shot was taken at my Grandmother’s house (when we had to fill 3 feeders twice a day to keep up with the little buggers).


Takraw is a popular sport in South-East Asia. It is played with a small rattan ball and can perhaps best be described as kick volleyball. Usually it is played 3 against 3. It is quite spectacular.

Carola Lundmark

I Need Brakes
Harry Roekens

Throwing The Net
Adji Sumarjanto

In morning activity somebody looking fish for life.

One Of Best Show

Roar Gronstad

Pro Memoria
Krzysztof Baranowski

Amazing rehearsal of Su-27UB from Belarus Air Force before Air Show Radom 2009. Two days later, on the airshow day, the aircraft crashed taking lives of both pilots. My tribute to fallen aviators. R.I.P.

This is a magic trick it’s pure photography with no fancy editing
The message in this photo is water and how important is this to life , but unfortunately many people think it’s an endless source of life !

Horse In The Sea

Shlomi Nissim

Shazeen Samad

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