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1.cityscape wallpapers

24 Free Beautiful Cityscape Wallpapers

Sometimes it is quite boring to see the same wallpaper on your desktop so that changing your desktop appearance with a beautiful and new wallpaper can give a new life to your desktop.I don’t know how often you change your desktop wallpaper … mac wallpapers

30 Wonderful Apple Inspired Wallpapers

It’s been almost a week since Steve Jobs has passed away and hundreds of articles has been published especially in design world to show the respect to him. You know Apple is one of the most popular brand-maybe the first- amongst designers …
16.typography wallpaper

50 Outstanding Wallpapers for Typography Lovers

Who loves typography? Raise your hands please. Personally,I’m a great fan of typography and i’d like to see quality and well designed typographical designs everywhere.Yes everywhere,like on my desktop,on my car stickers and especially on the walls of my house;let’s say posters. …

36 Fantasy,Surreal And Science Fiction Arts

To be honest these kind of art is not in my interest but while i was searcing resources for another subject¬† to share with you i found some great artworks from proffesional artists.I’ve chosen 35 fantasy,surreal and science fiction artworks which most …