Background Segment Effect with CSS and Anime.js

A background image segment effect as seen on Filippo Bello’s Portfolio, employing the CSS clip-path property and powered by anime.js. This is a little decorative effect with you that we’ve encountered on Filippo Bello’s Portfolio, maybe you’ve seen it. It’s a really …

SVG Letter Animation

We continue to find new tutorials for developers. Today’s tutorial is a fancy little lettering animation tutorial made with SVG and anime.js. It’s been created by Codrops. The idea is inspired by Jake Bartlett’s gorgeous opening animation for the “Shading Letters in …

SVG Experiment : Clipped SVG Slider

This is a simple slider, with morphing preview images animated using SVG properties developed by Codyhouse.What’s really powerful with SVG is the possibility to combine path animations with the clipPath element. You can add a touch of CSS transformations and you got …