12 Fun Sharing Button Effects

This is a collection of effects for revealing sharing buttons. You can use them in your portfolio, image galleries and more.Most of the different transformations and effects on the demos are done exclusively via CSS, so they should appear bug and lag …
2.jQuery plugin for widget layout

Gridstack.js – A jQuery plugin for widget layout

gridstack.js is a jQuery plugin for widget layout. This is drag-and-drop multi-column grid. It allows you to build draggable responsive bootstrap v3 friendly layouts. It also works great with knockout.js Requirements: http://underscorejs.org http://jquery.com http://jqueryui.com (Optional) http://knockoutjs.com

Mega-Site navigation enriched by subtle CSS animations

This is a responsive and easy to customize navigation for mega-sites enriched by subtle CSS animations and support for devices with javascript disabled.Created by Sebastiano Guerriero.It works on all major browsers. Sebastiano used SASS and Bourbon (http://bourbon.io/) for resources. If you don’t …