55 Vintage Computer Ads Which Will Make You Compare Today and Past

The time goes by very fast so the tehnology does.30 years ago new technologies were coming up one or two times a year but today when you wake up in the morning you hear something new which comes into existence.I remember 80’s very well and when i imagine those years i never thought i find myself in this much technology world.Especially as you see below,the computer technology is growing very very fast.Today i want to showcase vintage computer ads especially for young kids which i want them to see what the conditions were at those years.Do you also remember?


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16 Comments to 55 Vintage Computer Ads Which Will Make You Compare Today and Past

  1. Oh man, I remember seeing some of these ads in the magazines back in the day. I better check my pulse to make sure i’m still alive since i’m such an old piece of garbage.

  2. Great page but a little depressing when I think about how many of the items shown in those advertisements were something I at least used, if not owned outright. Right now I’m thinking about how I figured I’d *never* fill up the first 1GB HD I ever bought–a steal at $199US–and the 500GB laptop drive I recently purchased for $80US.

  3. Pictures do paint a thousand words. All I had to do was scroll from top to bottom to look at the photos and some texts that caught my attention and I think I’ve already seen the complete history of the evolution of computers and some of its paraphernalia! Great Collection! :D

  4. Wow..just..wow.. Gotta say they should re-do the “bytes” one.. would go over well with today’s vampire obsessed culture.