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25 Amazing But Scary Photos Of Volcano In Iceland

The volcano in Iceland (Eyjafjallajökull) erupted a week ago and it was a real risk for all of us.Especially in Europe,the air traffic almost stopped and caused big problems for the airways. Anyway,many professional photographers took unbelievable photos during the eruption and …

40 Mind Blowing Latte Art Designs

A latte (from the Italian caffelatte, meaning “coffee and milk”) is a type of coffee drink made with hot milk.You know art is everywhere and with the help of your imagination you can create amazing things as you can see below.Well,i never …

52 Amazingly Creative Food Art

It was time for another creative,amazing and mostly unbelievable post.When it comes to creativity there is not limit for human beings.I think the first thing is of course imagination.Today when i was searching for something different i came up to this art …