LinkedIn Outreach Automation With Dripify


LinkedIn outreach automation refers to tools that put your outreach activities on autopilot. These tools send out connection requests and follow up with potential leads. Outreach automation tools help users to perform most outreach activities, which saves the time and effort of doing them manually. 

A LinkedIn automation tool helps you to mass approach potential leads on the platform and generate reports for your outreach campaigns. Tools like Dripify help you to automate your outreach approach and analyze the results of every campaign. 

Moreover, automation tools like Dripify also integrate with other tools to bring you a truly omnichannel approach to LinkedIn marketing. 

LinkedIn Automation – What You Need to Know

Marketers often overlook LinkedIn as a platform for lead generation. But among all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is the best for generating leads as there most business has a presence on LinkedIn. There are more than 875 million professionals, and businesses have an account on the platform that creates sufficient opportunities for lead generation. 

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is a professional network where you can find potential leads and convert them into your clients. However, connecting with thousands of professionals and approaching them for business is not an easy task. You need an automation tool that enables you to automate LinkedIn outreach activities. LinkedIn automation is the use of tools that enables users to automate a variety of tasks and activities, especially outreach on LinkedIn. 

Why Automate LinkedIn?

LinkedIn outreach automation can help you save tons of time, effort, and money. Every business’s ultimate goal is lead generation, and LinkedIn automation makes it easier and more organized to accomplish this goal. 

LinkedIn automation offers real-time insights into various sales initiatives, unlike the majority of automation systems that just supply raw data and statistics that must be processed further to produce the desired outcome. 

Additionally, it gives you a chance to establish real ties, which are necessary to retain the degree of human connection in sales. These programs scan acceptable profiles automatically and provide customized connection requests along with automated invites or requests for connection. Since the user no longer needs to sift through millions of profiles in quest of a compatible connection, their work is considerably reduced. Here are the top reasons to automate LinkedIn.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Tasks like sending connection requests, writing personalized messages, running searches, and adding prospects are all repetitive tasks and take a lot of time. Tools like Dripify help automate such tasks without compromising on personalization. 

They eliminate the need to perform repetitive tasks manually. Automation tools help you to focus on your outreach campaigns and respond to potential clients that get back to you. By using any automation tool, you can minimize the time and efforts you put in your outreach campaigns. 

Automated Outreach

LinkedIn automation tools help you to send connection requests or emails to potential prospects on autopilot. Tools enable you to outreach hundreds of prospects within a few minutes, which takes hours to do it manually. 

Add Personalization

Using automation tools does not mean sending the same message or email to every prospect; These tools offer the option to automate linkedIn messaging and personalize messages to make them appear personalized and natural, increasing the chances of conversion. 

A/B Testing

Automation tools enable you to test your outreach efforts and experiment with a variety of messages. LinkedIn outreach automation tools allow you to perform AB testing of your efforts to determine the best approach to use for your campaigns. 

Automate Report Generation

Outreach on LinkedIn also requires you to generate reports to check the effectiveness of your campaigns. Automation tools like Dripify enable you to generate reports of outreach campaigns. 

Integration with Other Tools

LinkedIn outreach automation tools can be integrated with other tools easily. Combining these automation tools with other marketing tools can help you to use an omnichannel approach for your campaigns. 

Use Dripify LinkedIn Automation tool

Dripify is a powerful automation tool that offers a multitude of functionalities. It helps you send automated connection requests and messages to first, second, and third-level connections. It is a great automation tool to connect with your target audience. 

The tool enables you to build B2B lead generation funnels, accept connection requests, warm up prospects and turn them into customers. Let us explore how Dripify can help you put your outreach campaigns on autopilot for LinkedIn. 

Streamline Routine Tasks

You can automate your prospecting and lead generation process using the Dripify automation tool. The platform enables you to send highly customized connection requests to ICP-compatible profiles.

You may now send customized mass messages on LinkedIn to first-degree connections. You can send messages in bulk to a lot of contacts with the aid of this tool. You can send between 100 and 150 messages each day on LinkedIn, regardless of whether you have a Premium or non-Premium account.

Also, it enables you to recommend LinkedIn accounts automatically! As a result, the tool increases productivity while streamlining your LinkedIn routine.

Automate Profile Views

Dripify enables you to automate profile views. All you need is the select “View” as an action while adding profiles to this tool. It creates material for your profile automatically and shows you the number of profiles visited every day.

Integrate Your Leads

You can prospect cold leads and add their contact information right away to your Google Sheets, CSV, or CRM. From your CRM or sales interaction platform, you can quickly check prospect profiles and send them InMails or messages.

Boost Marketing Efforts

You may create a unique B2B lead generation funnel with Dripify to suit your marketing and sales requirements. To start producing amazing results, start by adding, removing, and mixing various aspects.

Email Scraping

If you want to do the outreach for lead generation by email, you need emails of the profiles on the platform. Dripify allows you to export connections, scrape emails, send requests and automate your lead generation funnel. You can compile the emails and outreach them with your offer.

Create Sales Funnels for LinkedIn

Dripify allows you to create LinkedIn sales funnels. The program gives you the opportunity to send automated messages whenever your connection requests are accepted.

These messages can be modified for the target group. If the thank you or first offer messages aren’t working, you can configure the software to send follow-up communications. You can make the most of the tools at your disposal for turning leads into paying customers with the help of Dripify.

Reporting and Statistics

Dripify offers you a dashboard on which you can see all the facts pertaining to your LinkedIn profile so that you can track and assess your efforts.

Here are the stats you get

  • The performance of your campaigns
  • Number of profile views
  • Rate of appearance of your profile in searches
  • Your sales index

Analyzing these figures will enable you to determine the areas that need improvement. You can optimize them to enhance the rates of conversion. 


LinkedIn outreach automation is highly beneficial for creating lead-generation funnels that deliver results. Marketers and freelancers use Dripify to automate LinkedIn outreach and target the right audience for lead generation. It helps you save time and effort while working on your outreach campaigns. 

In addition, it enables you to approach businesses that are out of reach for you. However, to make the most out of your outreach efforts, you should know your target audience and learn about using an automation tool. Using a tool effectively can help you convert most of the prospects into loyal customers.