19 Tools & Resources for Designers and Agencies That You Shouldn’t Miss


You’ve visited hundreds if not thousands of websites and now you are about to design your own. Have you ever taken the time to stop and really think about what you experienced that caused you to like some websites and not others? Which website designs engaged you and which bored you or turned you off completely?

The tools and resources presented here should help to keep your visitors from having a not-so-good experience. Instead present them with design creations that are likable and even enchanting. 

One or more of these 19 tools and resources for web designers and agencies should also help you deliver results that engage visitors and please clients in a timely manner.

Trafft – booking software

Top tools and resources typically give you a healthy return on a relatively small investment and Trafft is a perfect example. This simple yet powerful appointment scheduling system for service-type businesses can realize an enormous ROI in a very short time for your business or your clients and gives you an even greater bonus if you offer those clients Trafft’s white-labeled booking solution that can be customized to match their branding.

Trafft automates and streamlines the booking experience and positively impacts customer retention and employee loyalty from a single location and platform with its-

  • custom fields and domains that fit in with a business’s brand.
  • ability to manage both staffing and customer services at multiple locations.
  • error-free scheduling of on-site or virtual appointments, group appointments, recurring appointments, and events.
  • use of Stripe, PayPal, Mollie, or Authorize.net for online payments.
  • Automatically sending notifications and reminders to clients or customers via STMP and email.

Trafft easily integrates with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Zoom, and other popular applications. Click on the banner to learn more.


wpDataTables – Tables & Charts WordPress Table Plugin

You have been given a massive amount of data from multiple sources and in several formats that you need to present in a way that is attractive, easily understood, and maintainable by its viewers.

That may sound like Mission Impossible, but not if it is handed over to wpDataTables, the premier feature-rich plugin that enables you to make and present the appropriate data driven decisions with ease.

wpDataTables’ benefits include –

  • the ability to process and manage data from a variety of sources and in a variety of formats and create tables and charts that are interactive, attractive, meaningful, responsive, and easily maintainable.
  • applying front-end editing and sorting, advanced filtering, AJAX loading, and conditional formatting to categorize and highlight the key data in those tables and charts.

Click on the banner to learn more about this time-saving data management and display tool.


Amelia – Appointment and Event WordPress booking plugin

Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin designed for use by service-oriented businesses such as beauty parlors, health and fitness clubs, etc.

  • Clients of those businesses can make online appointment bookings 24/7.
  • Amelia keeps clients updated via email, SMS, and WhatsApp, and significantly reduces no-shows by doing so.
  • Amelia easily manages a variety of single and group bookings and packages, including resource booking that allows the sharing of services while avoiding overbooking.
  • Clients make payments online via PayPal, Strip, Mollie, and Razorpay.
  • Amelia integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar and Google Meet, Outlook Calendar, Zoom, Elementor, Divi, WooCommerce, and more.

Amelia provides business owners and managers with a dashboard that displays and summarizes business critical KPIs.

Grab this easy-to-set-up and use all-in-one WordPress booking plugin now – up to 40% off for a limited time only.


TheDock • Craft Visions & Forge Realities

TheDock is a WordPress editor for teams to create sharp-looking, performant websites that can be maintained by anyone, thereby saving designers and developers time by allowing their clients to do the editing if they so choose.

Designers and developers will also benefit from –

  • fast page loading and no need for short codes.
  • TheDock’s auto-adjusting layout system and global UI components.
  • the use of built-in features rather than plugins to promote high security and easier maintenance.

Your clients can work with content using the native WordPress UI and can take advantage of TheDock’s White-label theme if you so wish.


Uncode – Creative & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

The Uncode creative & WooCommerce WordPress theme makes it astonishingly easy to build incredible WooCommerce websites thanks to its –

  • advanced drag & drop Product Builder, configurable Ajax product filters with variations swatches, and its impressive selection of shop layouts.
  • 70+ carefully crafted importable pre-made designs that can be mixed and matched.
  • a Wireframes plugin that allows its users to import 500+ section templates suitable for landing pages or complete websites.

Uncode is a top selling Envato theme with more than 100,000 sales to date.


Brizy – White Label Website Builder

Brizy was created with agencies and resellers in mind. You can use this White Label website building solution to create attractive, professional-looking websites without any need for coding.

You can also resell Brizy under your own brand. If you do so, you can focus on increasing revenue and growing your business while Brizy does the heavy lifting for you.

  • Replace the Brizy builder name, logo, and domain URL.
  • Cloud hosting, SSL, CDN, and updates will continue to be managed by Brizy.

Your clients will think they are purchasing and using your website building platform. Doesn’t that sound like a winner?


What Font Is

There are more than a few font identification apps you could use if you’re only concerned about finding a font that is similar to the one you submit.

  • But will the app tell you where to find a font and whether it is free or needs to be purchased?
  • Or what if you need an exact identification of the font in question? How do you go about acquiring it?  

WhatFontIs with its 840K font database and AI-powered font finder has the answer. WhatFontIs is 90% accurate. The 10% misses are almost always due to submittal of low-quality images.


Getillustrations – commercial stock illustrations library ready to use in your designs

Website illustrations have become a popular means of helping brands stand out. They can be amusing, informative, and engaging, and perform a variety of important tasks.  

GetIllustrations’ library of more than 17,500 ready-to-use illustrations offers a wide range of illustrations that can be used in website design, for presentations, or anywhere they can serve a purpose.

  • A batch of new illustrations is added weekly.
  • Each purchase comes with a one-year access period, is accompanied by a commercial license, and is yours to use forever.

 Use coupon code: ULTIMATE30 to take advantage of the 30% discount.


Slider Revolution – WordPress slider plugin

Slider Revolution was once the #1 best-selling WordPress slider plugin, but times have changed. It is now the #1 best-selling video slider WordPress plugin.

It’s not your typical video slider plugin either. In addition to being a video editor and embedder, Slider revolution –

  • features more than 250 pre-built templates.
  • features cutting-edge website animations that even beginners won’t have difficulty working with.
  • can make a website appear to have taken months of effort and many $$ to create.

Over 9 million users have been through it all.


Mobirise Website Builder Software

When it comes to creating landing pages, simple web stores, and small to medium websites, Mobirise shines. Better yet, this premier website builder is free to download and is free to use for both personal and commercial purposes.

With Mobirise you have the tools you need to create an awesome site in a matter of minutes. This easy-to-use website building tool also gives you –

  • the ability to use it offline, edit your site locally, and host it wherever you wish.
  • access to 7,600+ website themes, blocks, and templates.
  • access to HTML if you want to code.


Total WordPress Theme

The Total flexible multipurpose WordPress theme gives you a complete set of website-building tools, all neatly wrapped in a single package together with enough options to test your creativity to the limit. You’ll find creating websites to be FAST and easy with Total’s –

  • extended WPBakery page builder, ready to use demos, and pre-built section templates.
  • custom page builder settings, live Customizer options, typographic selections, and unlimited colors.
  • Slider Revolution plugin for creating awesome sliders including video sliders.


Pulsetic – Free Website Uptime Monitoring

Pulsetic is a free website uptime monitoring tool that is designed to make monitoring your SaaS products simple, easy, and automatic. Pulsetic sends alerts via phone, SMS, email, or Slack whenever your website experiences downtime.

  • Status badges indicate your site’s status without changing pages.
  • You can create a status page for your site and create similar status pages and incident management reports for your visitors to keep them updated and informed.


Static.app – One-click hosting solution for your static website

Static.app gis a one-click hosting solution for your static website that features an online file management system that lets you edit and delete files as well as copy and clone them.

You don’t even have to leave your browser to do so. Just drag-and-drop an archive of any page (or an entire website) and let Static.app take care of the rest.

  • Everything is included with SSL certificate, code editor, forms, and media storage all in one convenient place.
  • You can override existing files to make a change. The new pages will instantly appear online.


Microanalytics.io – Free Privacy-Focused Alternative to Google Analytics

Some analytics platforms are big, complicated to work with, will analyze your website to death, and tend to give you far more information than you need.

Microanalytics.io, created and hosted in the EU, is a free privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics that puts you in charge.

  • You’ll see the data you need, and only what you need.
  • Neither you nor your visitors are tracked. Microanalytics.io keeps everyone anonymous nor is data shared with anyone else.
  • which is how website analytics should be performed.


Essential Grid – WordPress grid plugin

You can build a gallery like everyone else does or like you have done in the past. Or you can build it with Essential Grid, the best WordPress grid plugin for creating galleries capable of injecting new life into your websites.

Essential Grid makes it easy to create stunning galleries with –

  • its 50+ impressive and easily customizable grid templates.
  • a multiplicity of options to choose from including even, masonry, and cobble layouts and mix and match grids, fast and responsive designs, and the ability to feed a grid gallery with social media content.


Siter.io – No Code Website Builder, Web Design Tool for Designers

Siter.io is a no code website builder and web design tool for designers that allows them to create and publish websites by designing directly in the browser.

  • Siter.io offers a Figma plugin so you will be able to convert Figma designs into HTML websites without any necessity for coding.
  • You won’t have to spend extra time learning a new interface since the Siter.io interface is super-intuitive.

Use your own domain for your website or Siter.io’s and you can begin publishing immediately.


Unspam.email – Email Tester, Spam Checker & Deliverability Test

Unspam.email is an online email tester, spam checker, and deliverability test app that will analyze the main aspects of an email, return a spam score, and provide a heat map of your email newsletter results.

Unspam.email –

  • notifies you if your domain name or your IP address has been blacklisted.
  • ensures your recipients can read your emails.
  • checks for bad or broken links to help your emails avoid being caught in spam filters.
  • shows you where your HTML body can be improved by testing for best practices.


Absurd Design – Free Surrealist Illustrations and Vector Art

Absurd Design presents a new and very different style of visual perception for websites. This distinctive style delightfully combines absurdity with childishness in a way that can make a website supremely engaging!

  • Something done by hand can often be more appealing because of its small or not-so-small imperfections than is the case with precise digital presentations.
  • Absurd design offers free surrealist illustrations and art for your landing pages or presentations.

Try it and find out for yourself how using weirdness and absurdity can make sense.


Postcards – No-Code Email Builder, Edit HTML Email Template

The Postcards app has everything you need to build and customize an email template. You’ll find that you can create email templates 20 times faster, without design limitations or any need for coding skills. You’ll also find you can –

  • customize content with ease.
  • customize mobile versions of your email templates.

Postcard’s feature-rich drag and drop email builder makes it easy to incorporate and display the latest design trends into your emails.


Your own website visiting experiences have probably taught you how to avoid the bad and capture the good in your own design endeavors. It’s only natural that you’ll want to have the right tools and resources on hand that will make it easy for you to avoid the bad and do the good.

The 19 top tools and resources for 2023 listed in this article will save you the trouble of having to devote what could involve many hours of searching for those tools and resources you feel you need to have and use.