Printed Booklets For Schools


The new school term is about to begin with some schools already in their Autumn term you might want to consider investing in printed booklets.

Below are some of the choices you have for purchasing printed booklets for your students:

Hardback printed booklets

You can make your printed booklet stand out by finishing in off with a hardback case.  Whether it’s a workbook, text book, reading records, curriculum guides, yearbook, prospectus or a planner. You want your book to look professional  and nothing gives your project a professional finish like a hardback. Love Print can give your booklets a range of cover styles and finishes, with various paper types and trim and binding options. You can also opt for a printed dust jacket to make the look and feel of your book even better. 

Layflat printing

Layflat printing is best for presenting photogrpahs, images and designs with great quality without interruption then look no further than layflat. 

These books lay flat when opened and allow your imagery to flow across the page, which prevent the spine from breaking up any text or images. These are perfect for showing off student work or images for workbooks and text books for showcasing their work. Layflat books help you impress your readers with a laminated, professional finish.

Perfect bound

Perfect bound is ideal for magazine finishes as this will make the printed booklets look professional with a finished, “perfect” spine and pages filled with your excellent content, you’ll impress your readers, especially students and parents. Make your message memorable with a high-quality printed booklet and put it in the hands of your readers so they can take it with them wherever they go. You can even choose from a wide selection of paper types and weights to create your dream booklet. 

Wiro bound

Why not maintain a practical, flexible, and professional approach to your communication by utilizing a wiro bound booklet. These booklets serve as an effective tool for conveying your message in various settings, including classrooms and boardrooms. Their ability to lie flat when opened makes them an ideal companion for demonstrations or instructional sessions. Wiro bound booklets offer a user-friendly format for presenting dissertations, quarterly sales reports, or recipe books, with a high-quality booklet that can be easily flipped through and revisited. The sturdy wiro binding means that you booklet will last a while regardless of how frequently it is used.

Saddle stitched book

Communicate your message with confidence and professionalism by utilizing a saddle stitched booklet. Whether it be for your schools annual reports, quarterly magazine, or promotional brochures, this type of booklet exudes a clean and polished appearance. Saddle stitched booklets securely bind pages together with staples or stitches and can be printed on a variety of high-quality paper options. Make sure that you choose vibrant colors to captivate your readers’ attention and leave a lasting impression on your school.