Top 5 Design Books That Should Be on Every Student’s Reading List


If you believe that reading design books is something that could be easily ignored, you cannot be further from the truth as it’s the theoretical part that will change everything. Starting with learning how to think beyond the box and leave your comfort zone at least once in a while to mastering the psychology of color, you will see the world differently. The trick is to discover each book through the lens of creativity and use it as a special guide, not as an obligatory title that you must read. Once you are feeling inspired or seeking answers, reading a good design book is precisely what will help you out! 


Top 5 Design Books That Should Be on Every Student’s Reading List

  1. The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher

It is one of those great books where you can learn the art of visual intelligence. It is not simply a book with recommendations but something that helps you to understand why designers think this or that way. You will also learn the basics and tricks used when working with color and composition. Even if you do not like reading, this book has so much curious data that you will learn how to design things differently. It is also funny and has many jokes and memories, which turns this reading into a special journey. 

  1. A Smile in the Mind by Greg Quinton

It’s an inspirational book that will help you to become more organized and approach things with a smile. If you want to keep your audience engaged and wish to understand how to achieve it, do not miss this one. It will also help you see why some projects from four decades ago are still relevant today. Even when you are stuck with a school task, this book will help you see the light. Pair your new skills with, and you will see that those who ask for help and get creative manage to do things faster and avoid all the stress, as we only have to smile at the problems and start thinking differently! 

  1. Branding by Michael Johnson

This book helps to learn the art of branding, which always comes along with design. When you learn the branding strategy, you actually learn how to promote your design ideas and skills. When you need to see the link between these two concepts, this book will be of great help! 

  1. Thoughts on Design by Paul Rand

The man behind IBM, UPS, and Westinghouse truly has something meaningful to say! When you read this amazing book, you will learn how to design logos and promote your ideas with passion and dedication. What makes this book special is the focus on art design, photographs, digital technologies, and more. 

  1. Change by Design by Tim Brown

If there is one book that you should definitely read, it is this one! It helps to learn how you can design and transform ideas into actual sales and things that people will follow.  

Taking Notes While Reading Books! 

Reading a book on design and creativity can be a bit challenging as you are trying your best to memorize all the dimensions and take notes on whatever piece of paper you have by hand. It’s only natural as we all have been there before and know what it feels like. Now, one of the best ways to keep your notes is to either use a helpful organizer called EverNote or take it even further by using an app called Dragon Dictation that can convert your speech to text. This way, you can use it as a clever life hack by reading what is written in a book precisely while taking an audio note. Give it a try, and you will make any reading even more enjoyable! 

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Alice Barrios cannot imagine a day without getting creative and reading a helpful book that helps her travel and boost her skills. As an educator with a passion for design and DIY work, she loves writing and sharing her discoveries. Follow Alice to find inspiration and achieve success with any new beginning.