Customizing User Profiles with WordPress User Profile Plugin: A Step-by-Step Guide


Do you want to create custom user profiles and increase engagement on your WordPress site?

The WordPress user profile plugin allows you to create custom user profiles in minutes – no coding skills required! In addition, WordPress form builder lets you create user registration forms on your website, saving you the hassle of manually adding new users. This eliminates tedious administrative tasks and makes user onboarding much easier and faster. 

The WordPress user profile plugin also allows you to customize your user registration form according to your preferences. This can make the registration process easier and more effective. With a few simple steps, you can quickly set up and customize user profiles, allowing your users to manage their profile information easily.  

This step-by-step guide will illustrate how to utilize a WordPress builder plugin to create and modify user registration forms on your site. So, let’s learn more!

How do you Customize User Profiles with WordPress Profile Builder Plugin- Step-by-Step

Profile Builder Pro is an invaluable WordPress plugin for any business website. It’s simple to use and requires no special technical knowledge, making adding user registration, profile, and login forms to your website easy. 

This plugin will save you the time and effort to create these items from scratch. Here are a few steps that you can follow to create personalized user profiles with WordPress user profile plugin:

  • Select a plugin for frontend user profiles- First, choose a plugin that can create a unique user profile page on WordPress. Several options are available, but we advise utilizing the WordPress user profile plugin for this purpose. 

Because it has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, User Registration stands out from the competition. A limitless number of forms can be made without costing you anything, giving you excellent value. My Account Pages can be quickly developed and tailored to suit specific needs with a short code.

  • Install the free user registration plugin- You can easily create registration and profile forms with user registration’s free version. Additionally, you can easily add a login page and a page for your account to your WordPress website. 

All you have to do is search for the plugin under Plugins > Add New—many options become available by upgrading to the User Registration plugin’s pro version. Installing the Customize My Account add-on will enable you to customize the user profiles on your site quickly. 

In addition, if there are specific fields you’d like to keep hidden from users, the Field Visibility add-on can help with that. You gain access to the plugin ZIP file and license key when you purchase a pro version. Install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard and activate it by entering your license key afterward.

  •  Making the “My Account” or “User Profile” page- After you are through with the setup process for User Registration and its related add-ons, it’s possible to design your personalized user profile page. 

The My Account page can be added with a simple plugin option. All you need to do is go to Pages → Add New and type in the title; then, insert the shortcode into the text editor and hit publish. It’s as easy as that! 

After publishing, your readers can view the user profile on the front end of your site. It will have four tabs; Dashboard, Edit Profile, Edit Password, and User Logout. All these features are available by default. 

  • User Profile Page Tabs Customization– The Customize My Account add-on simplifies making changes to your My Account Page. It offers an effortless route to manually adding extra tabs to the user profile. With this add-on, you can do so much more conveniently. 

Once you have finished installing and enabled the add-on, head to the User Registration → Settings page. From there, click on the Customize My Account tab to gain access to the profile builder.

  •  Customize Your User Profile Page- By selecting Advanced Settings from the Customize My Account tab, you can change the look and feel of the User Profile page. You can make any necessary adjustments there. 

Select “Customize My Account Page” from the menu when you’re ready. The live editing panel, which resembles WordPress’ customizer, will then be displayed to you. You have the option to personalize your User Profile page however you like. You can style it however you like!

  • Remove User Profile Information- Field Visibility is a beneficial feature of User Registration. With the help of this add-on, you may hide user information from view on the user profile or registration form, enhancing security and safeguarding user information. 

Once you’ve installed the Field Visibility add-on, you can access your existing registration form or start from scratch. You can select the User Profile Page field(s) you want to be hidden and update them accordingly. We’ll use the secondary email field as an example. 

You can set up Show on and Read-only modes using the various options in the Field Options parts of your software’s settings, such as labels, descriptions, and visibility settings.

  • When selecting Show on: Choose Registration Form from the three choices—Registration Form, Profile Details, or Registration Form & Profile Details—if you want the field hidden from the User Profile Page. 
  • When selecting Read-only: You can choose this option to make the field visible on the front end but inaccessible to user editing. Disabled, Registration Form, Profile Details, and Registration Form & Profile Details are the available options.

Its a wrap up

Professional user registration necessitates setting up the frontend registration forms, having the option of adding extra information, and having the ability to use conditional logic. To guarantee a secure user experience, spam protection must also be well-maintained.

Customizing WordPress user profile pages is simple with the correct tools and resources. You have more time to concentrate on other crucial tasks because it is simple and quick to configure.

Profile Builder Pro is the go-to WordPress form builder plugin for those who need to make user registration forms. The free version gives you a great chance to check it out before committing, and you can also purchase upgrades and add-ons for additional features like complex or advanced forms.

For instance, you may effectively hide the admin toolbar and limit user access to your website’s backend using WordPress plugins like WLM3. Additionally, these plugins allow users to create custom login and registration forms for their WordPress website.

Try using WordPress User Profile plugins now!!