How to Invest in the Correct Type of 3D Printer for Your Company 


Technology and computers have quite literally transformed the core business model of all sizes, scopes, and target market reach of companies across the country. 

When it comes to 3D printers and laser printing, you will obviously want to make sure your investment will fulfill your purpose and last many years. So, with that being said, here is how to invest in the correct type of 3D printer for your company.

Be Sure as to Your Core Requirements

Businesses across the entire spectrum of industry require the services of an outsourced 3D printing company or else are ready to invest in such a printer for themselves, with the more popular businesses including the educational sector, manufacturing, automotive, entertainment, and the medical world. 

Quality 3D laser printers can be used to fulfill many different purposes, from prototyping, jigs, and fixture and model making, to end-use parts and production. 

Build Volume is Everything

Another key consideration when researching the right make and model of printer for your business centers around the build volume.

Essentially, the build volume of a 3D Laser Engraver printer refers to how large or, indeed, how limited the possible size of product it can print, so it makes sense to be aware of which makes and models are best for smaller projects and, conversely, those best for large-scale tasks. 

Filament Processing

Once you have ascertained the core intended functions of your new printer and, indeed, have worked out the range of build volume necessary to complete the types of tasks your applications require, it is time to turn your attention to filament processing.

Choosing the correct type of filament for your 3D printer should be determined by the following factors:

  1. The type of material to be printed on
  2. The function of that part
  3. The conditions the part will be functioning under (hot or cold, for example)
  4. The finished result of the part will be required for

Additionally, as with many other purchases in modern life, it is generally accurate to state that the more expensive the filament, the higher quality the finished product will be. 

Familiarise Yourself with Dual Extruders

Finally, the other most important component which should inform your decision of which printer to invest in for your business, regardless of the nature of the products you sell or services you provide, is that of dual extruders.

When you are looking for a new printer, both while browsing online and taking a trip to a shop, you will have noticed that on the side of the box, it will either say ‘Single Extrusion Printing Only’ or ‘Single & Dual Extrusion Printing’.

Basically, dual extrusion printing is the more advanced of the two and will easily perform a wider variety of more complicated activities; short of making you your morning cup of tea, you should be able to fulfill any project or task you need.