Smart Ways to Market Your Brand Using Printed Booklets


You may think that booklets are old-fashioned and no one uses them to market their brand or business anymore, but you are mistaken. It is also quite likely that you received one yourself in the past few days and may have chosen to keep it.

Pocket printed material, including saddle-stitch booklets are still popular marketing tools in this digital age. The best part is that they are not just effective for business promotion; there are other benefits you can enjoy if you use them correctly. Keep reading to learn how you can use booklets for marketing your brand effectively.

What Is a Printed Business Booklet?

The terms brochure and booklet are often used interchangeably. However, a brochure is a single sheet folded thrice to create three pages with six printable sides while a booklet is a small book that can have a cover and binding. A booklet may also have a few pages bound using staples, maybe a full-size paperback, or can be a saddle-stitched booklet.

A booklet is a great tool that businesses can use for promotion and marketing. They have a simple design and are quite cheap to produce. It can also deliver value propositions, special offers, promotions, and key messages with great impact and style.

Advantages of Printed Booklets

  • Affordable and Easy to Produce

Booklets are the easiest and cheapest to print compared to other printed materials like lead magnets, case studies, and catalogs. The best part is they are also easy to design/write and are pretty lightweight, compact, and portable. This makes them ideal for handing out at events/points of sale, direct mailing, and even door-to-door distribution.

  • Practical and Useful 

Booklets are superb for advertising and updating clients, colleagues, and customers about your business. A simple booklet can easily be turned into a practical tool, so receivers will choose to use and keep it with them. Doing so will ensure constant marketing and exposure due to the booklet being a daily reminder of your brand’s identity. 

An example is a booklet with an emergency contact page with numbers of important facilities. This can cause the branded booklet to be printed in thousands for display on coffee tables, entrance stands, bathroom shelves, and even fridges.

The best part is that small additions similar to the example above will only require a little extra ink and a few additional pages. Smart marketing also increases longevity and effectiveness, which makes even a standard booklet special.

  • Targeted, Personal, and Powerful

Personalized and targeted marketing campaigns generate higher responses and are more powerful than a general campaign. Featuring your brand on a billboard for example, does not allow you control over who sees the advert, and you cannot exactly target your potential customers.However, booklets can offer laser targeting.

Market research enables businesses to understand who their customers are and the niche they need to target. They can then design and style their booklet with the right language, messages, and images. Personalized booklets can be delivered directly to streets or stores and can even be mailed to the exact target audience directly.

  • Compact and Portable

A business booklet is specifically designed to attract the right audience and encourage them to grab and keep the booklet. Booklets are also portable, which causes them to be dropped into briefcases/handbags, left in cafes, or even taken to a home or office.

They readily get passed from one person and place to another, causing you to get promoted wherever they go. Booklets are also useful because they are attractive and easy to read. Graphics, text, photographs, and images are incorporated easily into one, which leads to high-impact marketing. A business can easily convey information using a single booklet with proper calls-to-action (CTAs) that channel sales.

Smart Ways to Use Printed Booklets for Marketing 

  • Mini Catalog

If your brand already has a full-scale catalog, then you may want to invest in getting mini-catalogs printed. These can be used to showcase seasonal offers, end-of-line sales, time-limited discounts, or a new product line without the need to get the entire main catalog reprinted.

  • Magazine Style Booklet

Booklets can be great marketing tools if you design them like a magazine. A proper photographic front cover with full color, a headline, and an attractive title will attract sufficient attention. You can include advertorials, product reviews, interviews, and release announcements in a magazine style booklet.

  • Information Manual

If you sell products or services that require technical specifications and details, then printing booklets like an information manual can come in handy. You can display your printed manuals in stores or deliver them with your products. Add contact information, discount coupons, and branding to boost brand awareness.

  • FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ booklets are perfect for brands that have customers with a lot of unanswered queries. A booklet will not only help them out, but it will also take some load off of customer service representatives. Ensure your booklet has all the most common questions with direct and helpful answers. If required, you can also create a separate one for clients/partners, which you can send to them before an important event or meeting.

  • Child-Friendly Activity Books

If your products or services are geared towards parents and children, an activity booklet may be a great way to attract attention. You can include puzzles, jokes, quizzes, and coloring pages to keep kids hooked. Make sure you brand this booklet and include product advertisements because your booklet will most likely be carried around by a parent or kid everywhere.

  • Insight Guide

An insight guide can be used to enlighten customers about your brand’s owner/founder, origin story, and brand vision. You can use the booklet to discuss brand philosophy or goals and even publish a biography of key influencers. Even though indirect, this marketing tactic has proven just as effective and powerful. 

  • Photo Essay

This is the most suitable booklet for a business with stunning product pictures. A photo essay can promote decorative goods, art, fashion, ornaments, or jewelry. Leave the content out and include contact details, product name, and a link to your website to watch customers pour in!


A booklet is a powerful form of marketing that can be printed in several ways to market a business based on its niche. The best part is that they are very cheap and easy to produce, which prevents added burden on a brand’s marketing budget.