Why You Need Product Visualization For E-commerce 


The change in human lifestyle has resulted in many people turning to e-commerce stores for their regular purchases. The major challenge facing the e-commerce sector is the consumer’s fear of getting something that doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations. This makes many potential customers shy away from e-commerce stores. 

The e-commerce sector has adopted technology to win back the trust of its customers. One such technology is product visualization. This enables the customer to view the product from a better angle that will leave them convinced it is the right one for them. Technology is the heart of the e-commerce sector and the recipe for its growth. The adoption of product visualization has had an impact on the E-commerce stores using it. Here are some common reasons why every e-commerce store needs to adopt product visualization technology.

It’s Cheaper Than Product Photography

Some years back, e-commerce used photographs to demonstrate a product to potential customers. This meant hiring a professional product photographer to take the photographs and edit them. After all that, E-commerce still faced challenges posed by the use of product photography. Such challenges are; taking products to the photographer for product photography. This is tedious work at all costs. Another challenge is if you need a personalized look, you will need to own or hire a separate place and transport the products there for photography. Other costs incurred during product photography were the props, the labor, and photograph production and editing.

This is a thing of the past now. With product visualization software, one can produce images that are easily consumable by the customer. It saves an E-commerce store all the hassle and the related cost. The requirements for the production of product visualization are little and easy. This is also the reason why the production of product visualization is about 20 percent cheaper than product photography. It also brings out a more attractive appearance of the product.

It Helps In Personalization

Nothing makes a client feel more appreciated than having a product come out as they would wish. This can only be achieved through product personalization. The fusion of product visualization and personalization allows the client to customize a product to their appearance. The customization can involve zooming in for a clear appearance, and rotation to support different angle visualization. Change the colors and product material into personal likeness – either entirely or parts of the product. 

This product customization can help your e-commerce brand stand out from your competition who don’t have these services. It also makes customers feel appreciated and want to return often – meaning an increase in traffic and in sales.

It Helps Enhance Customer Confidence

Many potential customers shy away from e-commerce stores due to the disappointment of getting something different from what they initially intended to purchase. This has happened to some people and has made them and others lose confidence in e-commerce. The introduction of product visualization allows the client to zoom in and rotate the product for a closer look and scrutiny. It further enables the user to customize the product they intend to buy and view the changes applied in real time. This makes the client more confident in buying the said products. It further enhances the customer’s emotive response which further facilitates the customer to build trust in the products from your brand. 

Looking Zolak, helps e-commerce personalize the client’s communication, and enhance conversions into buyers through innovations. Its 3D showroom helps improve success metrics for the e-commerce business.

It Provides Social Commerce Foothold

 Social commerce is a popular trend that utilizes organic shares in the online platform to attract new clients to your e-commerce store. Using engaging and rich visuals, they encourage customers to share their selections for other people to see on social networks. The use of social commerce is taking over the marketing arena as most brands are adopting it widely. This has made many people turn to popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to search for products they need.

Through product visualization, people can create snapshots of a given product and share them on social media. The shared post ends up reaching a wide audience with paying. If the shared post is positive, it will bring more traffic to your e-commerce store. This means that product visualization is an essential part of improved social commerce and e-commerce experiences.

Eases The Implementation Of Augmented Reality

The use of 3D product visualization makes it easy to incorporate the augmented reality that matches the enhanced visuals. Augmented reality is used to enhance customer interaction with products in an e-commerce store. The fusion of augmented reality and product visualization can be used in virtual product placements. This helps the customer virtually assess how a product will blend in the new environment. It also helps customers try a product before a customer makes a purchase.

In Summary

The heart of e-commerce is technology. The adoption of technology helps the business reach out to more customers. It also facilitates the conversion rate from potential buyer to customer. It is made to boost the client’s confidence, especially convincing the client to make the purchase.