Instagram vs Facebook


With one billion monthly users and 2.32 billion active users respectively, Instagram and Facebook are two social media giants worldwide. While only 10% of American adults used Instagram in 2012, that number has increased to 37% now. Even though they are two of the most widely used social networking sites, they have several distinct differences, from socializing and advertising. In fact, the first time I enjoyed darmowe gry kasyno bez logowania bonus, was from an ad on Facebook. 

Instagram is exclusively for images and videos. It is a program for sharing photos. You may establish and join groups, buy, post photos and videos, arrange events, and more on Facebook, which has many features. Let us quickly review some of the important statistics.

  • Facebook statistics
  • 2.38 billion active users each month
  • Mobile devices were used by 96% of active accounts to access the social network.
  • Facebook is where 40% of consumers claim to view the most videos.
  • Facebook is used by 83 per cent of marketers as an element of their brand’s social strategy.
  • Instagram statistics
  • One billion active users each month.
  • About 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day globally.
  • Instagram is used by 37% of Internet users in the US.
  • 68 per cent of Instagram users regularly access the service.
  • 77 per cent of marketers claim to integrate Instagram into their social media plan for their brand.

Considering this, let us examine how they compare with one another and in which areas.

  • Curated Material

Facebook is a fantastic platform for content curation. You have noticed that a sizable portion of Facebook content is not original. It usually consists of news, blog posts, or other content that is simply shared from many other accounts or sources. Instagram is all about unique images and videos. Even so, you might come across a few reposted memes as you browse the app.

  • Business News

Facebook should be your best bet for news about publishing companies. People are more likely to read the entirety of an update on Facebook because it is more text-based. For instance, you should post on Facebook if you need to shut down for reconstruction. You might share images of the ongoing reconstruction on Instagram.

  • Business Events

Did your business attend a well-known conference or sponsor a charitable event? That is the ideal chance to acquire material for Instagram. To let your followers know how things are going, you can post the pictures in real-time. You can make a Facebook photo gallery with the best images once you return from the event.

  • Image Competitions

Engagement is the key component of image competitions, and as far as social media platforms go, Instagram reigns supreme. Create a hashtag to stay on top of everything and use Instagram for your contest platform. You can increase traffic to your profile by advertising the contest on Facebook. You might even think about using Facebook ads. Any unique image of any kind that relates to your business or brand should be posted to Instagram. Facebook could be a better option if you are releasing a lot of text-heavy stuff there.


The social media boss had a good reason for the two separate platforms. These give us distinct experiences that enhance one another. But to succeed at this, we must be careful to preserve and enhance each one`s advantages over the other. But no matter your use of the social network, you will surely need the two, due to their distinction. Just know your priorities!