Top 8 Types of Video Content Every E-commerce Business Should Create


As a business owner who owns an online store, you are probably aware of the importance of attracting your customers by providing engaging content. Did you know that video content is among the most effective forms of content you can make? It’s true – research shows video-based content to be more memorable, engaging and persuasive than other kinds of content there.

It’s not necessary to be an experienced filmmaker to make excellent videos for your online store. Actually, there are many kinds of videos that you can make with the use of a smartphone, good lighting equipment, as well as a little bit of imagination. In this blog, we’ll examine the top 8 kinds of videos every eCommerce business needs to create to increase customer engagement, conversions, and overall performance.

From product demonstrations to customer testimonials and explainer videos to animations, this guide will go over all the necessary to create content that grabs your viewers’ attention and keeps returning to see more. Perhaps you’ll have fun making these videos. After the fact, there’s something genuinely amusing about watching a behind-the-scenes video or an influencer collaboration that’s gone wrong.

So, whether you’re an experienced video professional or just beginning out, this blog article will provide the resources and motivation you require to make videos that can boost your business’s ecommerce up a notch. So, sit back, relax and prepare to find out the most popular 8 kinds of video content that you must create for your online store.

Product Demo Videos

Demo videos for product demos are a crucial kind of video content that is essential for eCommerce companies. They comprehensively describe the product’s features, benefits, functions, and advantages, which can help create trust with potential customers and boost sales. A well-crafted demo video for a product will showcase how the item works, emphasize its distinctive selling points and answer the most common questions and concerns that consumers might have.

When making a product demo video, you must ensure it’s professionally produced and enjoyable. Use high-quality graphics, clear audio, and efficient storytelling techniques to keep viewers’ attention. Try combining live-action video, animation, and text overlays to communicate information visually appealingly. Create a concise and captivating demo video highlighting your product’s benefits and features. It will increase the chance of a potential customer purchasing your product.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are crucial for online businesses in helping customers understand their products or services simply and concisely. They can be used to explain complicated concepts or products using simple language and images. Explainer videos are also a great way to highlight a product’s or service’s advantages, which helps consumers make informed choices about the purchase.

In order to create a successful explainer video, you need to make sure it’s entertaining and informative. Begin by identifying the essential elements you intend to address and arrange them into a precise sequence. Use simple language, pictures and animations to convey concepts, and avoid jargon or technical terms that confuse viewers. Businesses can improve customer engagement, establish trust, and increase conversion rates by creating appealing, simple-to-understand explainer videos.

Slideshow Videos

Slideshow videos are easy yet powerful videos that companies can utilize to show their products and services. They feature a set of slides with accompanying music or text that create a captivating experience for viewers. Slideshow videos can be made quickly and easily using a free online slideshow maker, making them a cost-effective option for small businesses with a limited budget.

When you create a slideshow, select high-quality images that show off your product/service in the most effective possible manner. Look for images that showcase the benefits and features of the product or service, or show the product being used by real users. Make sure to use clear, concise messages emphasising the distinctive benefits of the item or service, and consider including sound effects or music to provide a more immersive experience for the user.

Slideshows can effectively allow online companies to present their products or services in an appealing manner. With the help of a free slideshow maker online, companies can produce professional-looking videos quickly and easily. When making a slideshow, ensure you choose quality images and clear messages emphasizing the advantages and benefits of the product or service, and consider using sound effects or music to provide a more enjoyable experience for the viewers.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Video testimonials from customers are a powerful kind of video content eCommerce businesses must create. They feature customers providing their feedback and experiences regarding a product or service. These videos could be an effective marketing tool. Customers who are considering buying from you are more likely to believe the opinions of their peers, which is why testimonial videos from customers are an effective method of building trust and credibility with your customers.

When creating a testimonial from a customer video, you must select people representing your intended customer group. This can help prospective customers feel connected to the testimonial and visualize their experience with your product. Ensure that your customers are transparent and specific about their experience and offer them questions or suggestions to aid in writing their testimonials. Consider featuring customers from various groups or areas to attract a larger public.

The secret to a successful testimonial video for customers is ensuring it remains real and entertaining. Utilize footage of the customer speaking and additional images or b-roll footage for interest and provide context. Make sure the video is clear and short with the primary details that the client has mentioned. By creating a compelling testimonial video for customers, businesses can showcase the advantages of their products or services and establish confidence in their target market.

How-to Videos

How-to videos are a crucial type of video content for e-commerce businesses as they provide valuable information and education to customers. These videos demonstrate how to use a product or service in a clear and concise manner, making it easier for customers to understand and use the product. How-to videos can also help reduce customer support requests and improve customer satisfaction.

To create a compelling how-to video, it’s important to keep it concise and focused on the most important information. Start by identifying the most common questions or issues that customers may have and then address them in a step-by-step format. Use clear visuals, text overlays, and voiceover narration to explain each step in detail. By creating informative and engaging how-to videos, e-commerce businesses can increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Behind-the-scenes-style videos are a distinct kind of video content online retailers should think about creating. These videos give customers an insider’s view of the business’s culture, operations and employees. In revealing the human aspect of business, behind-the-scenes videos can aid in building relationships and a deeper connection with your customers.

When making a behind-the-scenes video, consider highlighting different aspects of your business, including the development and design process, manufacturing processes, and the company’s values and culture. Use video footage of employees working and interviews and voiceovers to explain what the customers are experiencing. By showcasing the human aspect of the company, behind-the-scenes videos can increase customer trust and trust.

The most important thing to do in a successful behind-the-scenes video is to ensure it is real and entertaining. Avoid staging or scripted content and instead concentrate on showcasing real individuals and the processes that run the business. Use high-quality video and sound, and consider including text overlays or animated clips to explain what consumers are experiencing. Creating compelling and informative behind-the-scenes videos allows eCommerce businesses to display their unique brand identity and values and build stronger connections with their clients.

Influencer Marketing Videos

Videos from influencers are an effective way for online companies to attract new customers and increase sales. By partnering with influencers with a large and loyal audience, companies can increase their authority and influence to advertise their products or services. The videos typically feature the influencer’s use of or talk about the item in an innovative and entertaining manner.

In order to create a successful influencer-driven marketing video, it’s crucial to select the appropriate influencer for your brand and the product. Choose influencers that align with the values of the brand and the target market, and then collaborate with them to create an engaging and creative video idea. By creating engaging, high-quality videos and revealing sponsored content, online companies can leverage influencer marketing to boost the visibility of their brand and increase sales.

Animated Videos

Animation videos are a form of content for videos that could be stimulating and informative for e-commerce companies. These videos use animation, graphics, and text to create a narrative or explain the concept. They can be beneficial in explaining complicated concepts that could be difficult to comprehend through other videos.

When you’re creating animation videos, you need to select an aesthetic that is compatible with the brand’s image and the message that is being communicated. Consider the tone and design of the brand, and then work with an experienced animator or a video production company to develop a plan and storyboard. Use engaging images and clear and succinct communication to ensure your audience can comprehend the information.

Animation videos effectively allow online businesses to share their message and highlight their services or products. By creating high-quality, engaging animated videos, companies can improve brand recognition and boost sales while educating their customers about the advantages and benefits of their goods or services.


Ultimately, video content is an important element of an e-commerce company’s marketing strategy. By creating high-quality, engaging videos, companies can improve brand recognition, boost sales, and create a solid customer base. From product demonstrations to explanation videos to testimonials from customers as well as behind-the-scenes video content, there’s a wide range of videos that can be used to present the products and services offered and communicate with customers.

If you’re an E-commerce company trying to incorporate video content in your marketing plan, consider which videos best present your product or services and reach the people you want to reach. Make sure you invest in quality video production, whether it involves using an experienced production firm and investing in the equipment or education for in-house production. Also, don’t overlook analyzing the results of your videos to figure out which ones are performing well and what could be improved. If you have the right approach and strategy, video content can be an effective tool to grow your online business.