8 Ways You Can Scale Your Freelance Business


As a freelancer, your main agenda is to scale your freelance business to create room for more opportunities and income. With the increasing number of freelancers in the market, you need ways to skyrocket your freelance business to remain ahead of competitors. If that sounds like something you want to achieve, read on to discover eight working ways to scale your freelance business.

How to Scale Your Freelance Business

Are you a freelancer looking to take things to the next level? Here are eight tips to give you a boost.

Establish your presence on Instagram

Instagram is flooded with active users. According to Statista, the platform currently has about one billion active users.

With their massive user base, you can bet your family jewels that there are TRUCKLOADS of people eager to pay for your freelance services.

The best part is the framework for growing on Instagram is pretty straightforward.

Consider following the tips below:

  • Publish relevant, value-packed content consistently

  • Use a short and easy-to-read Instagram URL

  • Use Instagram poll questions to engage your audience

  • Engage with your audience sooner rather than later

  • Collaborate with influencers

While the tips above are far from complete, you are bound to see meaningful results out of your IG initiatives if you follow a handful of the tips above.

  • Specialize in Your Field

As a freelancer, it’s best to specialize in a field. Once you are comfortable in one area, you can learn a new skill and expand your expertise. Specialization creates room for quality work, and you will attract and retain more clients.

  • Build an Agency

Creating an agency is not easy, but it’s worth it. When you have an agency, you will conveniently handle large projects as you have other freelancers that you can work with. Again, you are bringing fresh and diverse minds into your work. An agency is a brand. Once you use it creatively, you will earn more and sell your name to potential clients.

  • Raise Your Rates

When you trust your skills and know your worth, raising your rates is one way of scaling your business. Many clients focus on quality and not price. Thus, if you can deliver outstanding work, don’t hesitate to raise your rates to a fair rate matching your skill.

  • Create a Portfolio

Do you have proof of work? No? Then you need to create a portfolio. With a portfolio, you have a resume to showcase your worth. That way, even before a client can hire you, they can check out your portfolio and immediately decide whether you match the skills they are looking for.

As a freelancer, your portfolio matters. Once you create it, share its link for potential clients to view.

  • Create a Course

When you have specialized in a given area, consider creating an online course to enlighten others while building a reputation. When you create a course, you are increasing your revenue sources, and a client can hire you quickly as they will be more confident about your skill as you already have a course to prove your qualification.

Creating a course proves you are a tutor, meaning you are at home with a given skill and can comfortably handle projects relating to the niche.

  • Create a Software to Support Other Freelancers

Many freelancers, like you, rely on existing tools to simplify their work. So, think of how you can create software to be used by other freelancers like you.

As a freelancer, you understand what troubles other freelancers face in your given niche. Thus, you can easily come up with a solution and earn from it by selling it to fellow freelancers.

  • Learn a New Skill

A new skill pays, and you become more marketable when you have more than one title to your name. You can expand your niche and target more clients by learning a new skill. For instance, if you notice many clients in your field are looking for UX designers for hire, yet you are not a fully qualified UX designer, you should take time and learn the skill. That way, you increase your pool of clients.

  • Offer Consultation

Many clients are recently looking for experts to guide them in a given area. For instance, if you are an ethical hacker, you don’t have to get hired as an ethical hacker. You can offer consultation about security. In doing so, you earn more while proving your worth to the client and increasing your chances of getting hired.

Most organizations will hire you for consultation. If you are an expert in your field, nothing stops you from offering consultation as an added opportunity to earn more.


Freelancing is a lucrative business for anyone who knows how to tap into the available opportunities. This post has detailed eight simple ways to scale your freelance business. Try them out and enjoy the rewards.