Tips for Beginner Photographers – How to Convey the Meaning of Photography Correctly


The main mistake of novice photographers is not to endow their photos with meaning. If you are just starting in this field, you should consider that pointless shots are unlikely to attract the viewer’s attention. You need to remember that in order to give meaning to a photograph when shooting, you can go two ways:

  1. Try to convey a story to the viewer.
  2. Achieve aesthetically pleasing images in the picture.

It is better to make a picture such that after shooting, you do not have to devote too much time to post-processing. It is better if, for processing, it is enough to crop the photo a little and correct the shades. But do not apply solid filters or work with exposure changes. Professional photographers strive to get the most out of their cameras.

The most meaningful photographs are those that convey the story. It may not even be one picture but a whole series dedicated to specific events. Remember that your image can evoke certain emotions in a person. 

For a story to appeal to audiences, you must experience it yourself. The best option is a story related directly to life. This way, it is possible to connect the photograph and the told story with an inseparable thread.

To tell a story through photography, you can use a variety of tools:

  • emotions;
  • feelings;
  • messages.

Choosing any of these options is the key to creating a successful and meaningful image.

There are a few more requirements for the story you are trying to tell through photography. It should be lively, short, and understandable for the viewer.

How to Attract Viewers with Aesthetic Photos

A beautiful and aesthetic photograph can positively affect the viewer, but working with such images is difficult. Why are these pictures attractive? Interacting with them, the viewer can dream, imagine, and immerse himself in his thoughts and experiences.

Viewers who look at aesthetically pleasing images create their own stories. In this case, the photographer triggers the imagination with his shot.

How to Create a Meaningful Photo: Basic Steps

Если вы начинающий фотограф и не знаете, с чего начать при работе над фотографией со смыслом, советуем придерживаться следующих шагов.

Find a Reason to Take a Photo

The most crucial step is that if you don’t have a good reason to take photos, you will never be able to create pictures with meaning. By posting monotonous and uninteresting images on social networks, you are just wasting your own and other people’s time. A common misconception is that pictures that illustrate your life can attract viewers. Selfishness and pride will never be attractive.

Try to use a notepad and write down the goals that you are pursuing while doing photography. List ideas, steps you take to reach your goals, and more. 

Decide What Message You Want to decide to the Viewer with Your Pictures

Once you’ve listed all the reasons why you want to get into photography, it’s time to decide on what message your pictures should convey to viewers. The message should be short and fit literally in one sentence. It will become the basis of your future project and will not let you get lost on the creative path.

A common mistake beginner photographers make is not putting any message into their photos. If you ask the author what he wanted to say with his picture, he simply will not find what to answer. 

You can burn with the desire to take up photography and put all your strength into projects. But work on pictures that do not carry any message is empty. It has absolutely no purpose.

Work on a Photo to Get Your Message Across

Once you decide why you want to photograph and what messages you want to convey to the viewer with your pictures, you can proceed directly to creating photos.

Thanks to various elements collected in one picture, you will convey your message to the viewer. It’s worth starting with a thorough analysis of the scene. Carefully inspect the environment, and identify vital elements and details that may interfere with you. Preliminary research will help you with layout and research. The finished photo will be clear and direct. The viewer will not have to guess what you want to depict here.

Never forget that a simple change of angle can completely change the perception of your shot. Each element in the photo is capable of evoking specific emotions. Considering all this, you can convey your feelings to the audience well.


All of these steps will help you work on meaningful photographs. You should never ignore the preliminary preparation. The final result depends on it. It is essential to stick to the technique. Improvisation is unlikely to help you. If you decide to act according to the situation, you are unlikely to achieve anything serious.