Five Digital Art Fields to Get Into


Art is more digital than ever. There are more avenues to go down in the digital realm than any time in history. The number of mediums to choose from has gone up considerably. All the physical mediums of art still exist. 

You can still become a painter, a sculptor, pencil drawer, ink illustrator, or something else, but the number of digital mediums has, in some ways, eclipsed the tangible. Whether you want to become a graphic designer, an animator, or a photographer, the art world has gone digital. Below are five different digital art fields you can get into.


While dark room photography is still beloved, most of the photography is digital. With a nice digital camera, you can make incredible art. Photoshop and other photo editors are an artform all their own. You will have the ability to create things that didn’t exist in the tangible world. You can manipulate things that did exist in the tangible space. What about eliminating parts of the photo entirely? When it comes to digital photography and photoshop, the sky’s the limit. Don’t settle for the original photo. Instead, you can create your own art with the camera and software.

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

Whether you are a filmmaker or just want to create individual graphics that stand out on their own, there is a whole world of visual effects that you can get into. Motion graphics can be used in animation or video. You can use this medium to make video games and other forms of media. A great program for this is Adobe After Effects. You can take After Effects classes that will teach you all about this popular program. Whatever you are planning on using it for, motion graphics and visual effects are an entire world or art that you can get into.

Graphic Design

Graphic design isn’t just a fun art form, it is one of the most lucrative forms of digital art. All kinds of companies need a good graphic designer. So do musicians. Whatever the job is, graphic design is one of the areas of digital art where you can make a decent amount of money freelancing. Whether you are into the corporate side or just want to make art with design, you have a lot of options in the world of design.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making some incredible graphic design as well. A lot of people are convinced that AI will replace graphic designers, but the AI still needs guidance to create design and art that connects with humans. It’s easily one of the most lucrative and exciting industries in the digital realm today.

3D Printing

With 3D printing, you can design something on the computer and have it come to life. This medium is both technical and artistic. It can scratch the itch of both compulsions. Whether you are making something practical or are printing a sculpture that only has the purpose of being admired, 3D printing has taken digital art into a new realm. It has merged digital and physical forms of art.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Finally, with virtual reality—otherwise known as VR—is where the possibilities are endless. In VR, you can design your own world. You can make art on the internet. There are all kinds of ways to use VR to make art, but it’s all up to you. You can create a digital installation. You can manufacture a space that makes people feel a certain way. There are even comedy shows and other events in what Facebook is calling the “metaverse.” When it comes to digital art, VR will open a whole lot of possibilities.

Even the term “art” is changing in the digital world. What is art? Is it anything someone creates that makes us feel something? What is the purpose of art? These are coming into question, but in a sense, they’ve always been called into question. The digital sphere is pushing into new, exciting, and unprecedented territory. Technology has become one of the things pushing society forward.

Whether you are an artist already or want to get into digital art, there are plenty of options for expanding your horizon. The world is changing, and if you want to get excited about the many technological changes, there’s no better way to do that than through art. With all the digital mediums at your fingertips, there’s no reason not to start doing something you enjoy that fulfills you.