Gifts On A Budget


It can sometimes feel as though you’re always buying gifts for somebody. The year goes by in a constant stream of birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special events. All of these events require gifts, and all of those gifts require money. 

What should you do when money is tight? Of course, you can always trim down the list of people you “need” to buy gifts for, but that doesn’t always help. Now what? 

The simple thing to do is to set a budget and stick to it. Much as we’d love to treat our loved ones to expensive gifts and experiences, we often simply don’t have the money for it. Here are a few things to buy when you’re working with a budget. 

What To Buy When Money Is Tight

Start by setting a limit for how much you want to spend for each person. Don’t worry about seeming “cheap” – someone who loves you won’t judge you for not buying them the latest iPhone or something similar.  

  • T-Shirts 

T-Shirts are possibly the best gift to buy on a budget. They aren’t expensive, which of us doesn’t wear t-shirts? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a comfortable, cute t-shirt, and since they tend to have a baggier fit, you can be relatively sure they’ll fit properly. Online stores like Chummy Tees have a wide variety of quirky and funny captions, and you can get deals for ordering multiple t-shirts at once – so that’s a few gifts sorted!

  • Cheap, Cute, and Quirky 

If you’re buying a gift for someone with a healthy sense of humor, the sky is the limit. There are funny mugs, joke gifts, and quirky yet cheap gifts that are guaranteed to get a laugh. If you’re splashing out on a more expensive gift for a loved one, cute and quirky gifts are an inexpensive way to pad out the gift pile.  

  • Gift Cards 

It’s always a possibility that you’ll get the “wrong” gift, which is never used and isn’t really liked. Rather than wasting money, why not use that money to buy a gift card? Giving a loved one a gift card helps to make sure they’ll spend the money on themselves, and means that your gift is guaranteed not to be wasted. 

  • Groupon/Saving Deals Apps 

If you want to give an impressive gift, maybe for a milestone event, but don’t have the cash to throw away, money-saving apps like Groupon are a great way to find vacation stays, spa treatments, escape rooms, cruises, museum trips, and much more for a reduced price. 

Is It Worth It?

We all want to treat our loved ones. However, especially during big commercial holidays, the pressure is really on to spend as much money as we can – and people who choose to cut back and budget are severely frowned upon. 

Your loved ones wouldn’t want you to scrape your bank account dry. Save yourself a headache and a lot of stress, and just buy them a t-shirt!