4 Reasons to Suggest Conversational AI to Your Web Clients


When you work on web design projects for clients, you’ll always have ideas for how they can make their project better. Of course, clients tend to be picky and specific about what they want and often reject suggestions.

These rejections aren’t personal. Even the highest paid, most sought-after web designers get their expert suggestions rejected. These rejections don’t feel good and can make you stop making suggestions altogether. However, there’s one feature still worth suggesting: conversational AI.

Conversational AI benefits everyone including customers, clients, and visitors. Using a chatbot powered by conversational AI helps businesses resolve requests instantly. The key is to get your web client to understand how the benefits translate to increasing their bottom line. 

This is actually quite easy since all you need to do is get them to sign up for a demo so they can see for themselves. The hardest part is suggesting the feature in the first place, but here’s why it’s worth suggesting.

 Your clients may not know what will serve them

It’s true that web clients don’t always know what features will serve them best. For example, there are some clients who still think it’s a great idea to play music automatically for visitors. If it’s hard to talk clients out of this outdated feature, you can expect a challenge with just about any suggestion, even when the benefits are obvious.

 Your clients might not know ‘chatbots’ have evolved with AI

When it comes to conversational AI, it’s essentially an AI-powered virtual assistant designed to resolve customer or employee requests before involving a live agent. Web clients might think this is just another chatbot, but it’s not. Although chatbots have been around for a while, conversational AI is different.

 Chatbots are impersonal, general, and often miss the mark. On the other hand, conversational AI is personalized, recognizes industry-specific terms, and offers context-aware responses. Unlike chatbots that are vaguely programmed, the accuracy of conversational AI comes from analyzing millions of real tickets.

When you start working with a client you believe would benefit from conversational AI, suggest the feature to them with a link to a demo so they can experience it themselves.

Web visitors want self-service options

Studies have shown that 75% of web visitors want to solve their problems independently. Visitors want self-service options and prefer them over live interactions because they want to feel competent and in control. When your clients add a conversational AI virtual assistant to their website, they’re giving visitors that control.

One of the best features of conversational AI is that your visitors will be given the self-service options they’re after. However, they’ll be given more precise options than traditional chatbots. For instance, the virtual assistant will understand the context of a question and will provide links to existing web pages in your FAQ section that closely match the user’s intent.

You’ll get more work

Technically, anytime you suggest a feature to a client, you’re asking for more work. Some designers actually want to avoid this, but if you’re okay with more work, this would be a plus. Of course, you don’t want to suggest features just to get more work. It should always be a match with the client’s needs.

However, when your client does choose to add conversational AI to their website, you’ll have plenty of work to do. You’ll probably need to help them set it up and test it out before going live. You’ll also need to create a good FAQ section on your client’s website where they can publish articles to help visitors find specific answers to their questions.

Your client is currently using a bland chatbot

If your client is currently using a boring, bland chatbot, that’s the perfect reason to suggest using conversational AI. It’s the perfect opportunity to show them the difference between these two technologies because chances are, if they’re using a general chatbot, a large number of their visitors are getting frustrated and bouncing.

It may take some convincing if your client can’t see the impact of having a general chatbot, but it’s always worth the effort. If you can help your client improve their support interactions, you’ll also be helping them increase their revenue.

 Conversational AI transforms support-related interactions

No matter what kind of website your clients have, a conversational AI virtual assistant will improve support-related interactions for visitors, customers, and even employees. Conversational AI is truly the next evolution of online support.