5 Tips to Create a Perfect Workspace

The design of your workspace determines your productivity level. Your workstation affects your mood, level of concentration, and comfort. For that reason, you need to make it as conducive as possible.

The tips below can help you create a perfect workplace to boost productivity.

1. Consider Your Needs

Your office set-up depends on the nature of the work you do. If your job needs a lot of space, you can choose a large office. Such an office is good when you have many tools and equipment you need in the office. So, before you select an office, list your needs and the tools you will require to help you determine the size and set-up of the space.

It is awful to start working only to realize some items you need are not available. Suppose you find it hard to set up the workplace. Talk to a commercial interior design expert to help match your needs to office set-up.

2. Use The Correct Lighting

Lighting plays a significant role in your workspace. Using light with calming colors can make your office more attractive and comfortable to work in. Color is also known to affect mood and productivity.

If your workstation cannot receive enough natural light, it will be upon you to choose a light color you feel more comfortable with. Warmer orange or yellow lights are suitable for relaxing, while white and cool blue lights are great for concentrating and working.

3. Get Organized

The way you arrange your workstation matters a lot. Working in a cluttered space causes much distraction that lowers efficiency. Your office should have drawers and shelves where you keep your supplies safe and within reach. Ensure the items you frequently use are easily accessible when sitting, so you do not have to stand all the time.

Also, ensure any cables are not lying on the floor, as this might cause serious accidents. Check that items like boxes, trays, binders, jars, printers, computers, etc., are in their rightful places. Having a good filing and storage system helps designate organized areas for each item.

4. Leave Room for Movement

The objects in your workplace should be arranged so that it’s easy to avoid bumping into anything or knocking things over. When arranging your office, ensure you leave enough space for movement, not only for you but also for people who come to your building.

A squeezed space means your staff members knock things over and feel uncomfortable. Printers and desks are the largest items that impede movement.

Ease of movement is also crucial in case of an emergency. For instance, in the case of a fire breakout, emergency exits should be clear, and staff should be able to exit the building easily – blocked emergency exits are an OSHA violation.

5. Get Personal

It’s best to feel at home while working at your office. You should decorate the office to your taste. Choose what you think will make you comfortable.

Everything should be designed to your taste, from the desks to the chairs and the window curtains. You can even have a framed photo of someone you love on your office desk. Let the walls be painted and decorated to your taste.


Your office is your second home. You spend plenty of time there, so it needs to be as comfortable as possible. The five tips above can help you create a perfect working place.

Minimize clutter and distractions. Make it somewhere you enjoy spending time. Fill your workspace with natural light. You’ll notice improvements in your productivity and mood in no time!