5 Best Fonts For Essay Writing


Essay writing can be a tricky subject. There are so many fonts to choose from, the typeface you might use can make your essay read like a hit piece or like something worth reading, or they can make it look dated and unprofessional. A good font for a professional essay looks at school levels and age appropriateness-something hard to find in the busy world of fonts. Fonts are incredibly important in persuasive writing. The right font can make all the difference between an ugly page and something eye-catching.

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Below are the best fonts for essay writing. Use them wisely and they’ll make your essays stand out.


This font is commonly used in many printed pieces. It’s a classic and an excellent choice for complex essays for school or college. The Garamond font is easy to read, especially in large blocks of text. 

Curlz MT

This cursive font is very readable, which is an excellent feature when you are writing long essays. Too often teachers and professors have their students submit essays that have been printed off and put into a word document, which defeats the purpose of a cursive font in essay writing. The cursive Curlz MT makes it almost impossible for your teacher or professor to tell if your essay has been printed off or not. It’s also highly readable for an online essay writer, making it one of the best fonts for objective essay writing.

Times New Roman

A classic choice, Times New Roman is a traditional font that has been used for decades by esteemed writers and publications. This font is more readable than Garamond, so it’s a good choice if you’re doing your writing digitally and want something that looks softer than Garamond on screen. Times New Roman is simple yet elegant and goes with pretty much any setting or topic, making it one of the best fonts for essay writing. If you need help with essay writing ask for online essay helper, who know all the best fonts for specific essay types.


Another great font for essays is Montserrat, which has a serif font-that means the letters are longer than handwriting but not as long as Garamond. This makes the letters easy to read and flow nicely, so they’re a good choice if you want to impress your teacher and professor. This font is also a good pick for an online essay writer, especially if you’re writing in an advanced set of English where people may have trouble reading.


This old-fashioned font is another good option if you tend to go off topic but still want something that looks more formal than Garamond or Times New Roman. It’s a nice choice for an online essay as long as you don’t use it in a way that looks like you’re just handwriting text.


There are plenty of fonts to choose from; you just have to find the right one for your essay. If you’re going to a more formal setting, like college or graduate school, then pick something that looks more professional. For an informal setting, it’s OK to go with something a little more creative and modern-just make sure it still says professionally done.