How Should I Care For The Bouquet of Flowers?


If you order a bouquet of flowers or have it delivered, then of course you want to enjoy it as long as possible. Good care is therefore very important. Here you can read how to best care for your flowers. Delivering flowers over the Internet is different than when you get flowers from the store. Flowers in Denmark are called ‘’blomster bestilling’’ and ‘’blomsterbuket’’ for example, but in Holland these are called ‘’droogbloemen’’. First of all, it is important to know that bouquets of flowers that you order through the Internet always consist of cut flowers. These are flowers that are specially grown to be cut and put in a vase with water. So when we talk about flowers, we always mean cut flowers.

I have received flowers, how should I put them in the vase?

If you have received a bunch of flowers, prepare them for putting in a vase as soon as possible. Immediately upon receiving them, you should cut the flower stems diagonally. Make a diagonal cut of about 1 to 2 centimeters. Use a sharp knife for this, so that the cut surface is not compressed, but as smooth as possible. Remove the lower leaves and lower side shoots from the flower stems to the height that the flower will be in the water. Leaves that are in the water will rot quickly. So make sure that only bare stems are in the water.

Which vase should I choose?

Use a clean vase and clean water. Fill this vase with a layer of water. Make sure that the flower stems are standing in the water, but do not fill the vase all the way to the brim. The more water, the more likely the water will get dirty and rot. It is easiest to use a glass vase. That way you can easily see if there is still enough water in the vase and if the water remains clear. Add water daily so that the flower stems remain submerged. If the water becomes cloudy, replace it with new clean, fresh water as soon as possible.

How much light and food do flowers need?

Add cut flowers and food to the water. Preferably do this before putting the flowers in the vase in the water. Stir the cut flower food so it is absorbed into the water. Put the flowers in a light place, but absolutely not in the sun. In the sun they may wilt more quickly. So put them in a light place, out of the sun. Put them in a room with an average temperature. Not too hot and not too cold. And make sure you put them out of the drought. Flowers don’t like draughts either.

Where should I put the bunch of flowers?

Finally, avoid fruits and vegetables. Some fruits and vegetables contain substances that are released when fruits and vegetables ripen. These substances cause the flowers to soften more quickly. So keep the bouquet of flowers away from the fruit bowl and vegetables. If you follow these guidelines, you will enjoy your bouquet of cut flowers for days!