Common Traits of a Top-Notch Landing Page


A landing page is a single webpage on your website where visitors end up after clicking on something like an ad, social media link, or email link. It has a specific purpose, such as highlighting an online marketing campaign.

Ultimately, the purpose of a landing page is to move visitors to your website through the conversion funnel so that they turn into leads and customers. By getting the design and content of your landing page right, you can significantly increase conversions.

 So, you’ll want to check out the following common traits that all top-notch landing pages have.

Make Sure Your Landing Page Has a Fast Load Time

Before we look at the design and content of a quality landing page, it’s important to mention that landing pages should load quickly. If your landing page takes more than three seconds to load, it’s likely that many of your website visitors will abandon your site before they’ve even had a chance to look at your content.

Ensure Your Written Content Is Concise

Most visitors to your landing page will first skim-read your written content, so you need to avoid lengthy copy. Keep your written content short and clear. That way, more people will take in what the content says and engage with it more.

Rather than filling up the page with multiple paragraphs, use bullet points and short statements to highlight all the important elements you want people to take note of. Also, make sure your content is free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, as mistakes will put people off.

Construct an Effective Headline

Just as important as the copy is the wording of your landing page’s headline. Seeing as it will be the first thing visitors to your website will read, your headline has to be effective to catch people’s attention.

While it needs to be attention-grabbing, the headline shouldn’t be over the top. Your headline also needs to be helpful and informative so that visitors will continue to read the rest of the content on your landing page and complete calls to action.

Separate the Sections of Your Landing Page by Using a Template

A landing page that’s cluttered will put people off. Each section of the landing page needs to have room to breathe, so you need to place written content, visuals, and white space in a way that separates sections and makes content clear.

One of the best ways of achieving that is to use a landing page template from AWeber. You can choose from multiple templates to ensure your landing page isn’t too overwhelming and make certain it grabs people’s attention.

Utilize Visuals Wisely

Visuals are a crucial element of any top-notch landing page. By using imagery in the right way, you can get a clear message across to potential customers and engage your website visitors much more than text alone could manage.

Make sure the images you use are aesthetically pleasing, attention-grabbing, and relevant to your products or services.

Also, visuals don’t simply refer to pictures and photographs. You can use diagrams, charts, infographics, animations, and videos to give your landing page the wow factor and engage visitors more.

Just make sure you don’t go overboard. The overall design of your landing page needs to be clear and concise, so stick to just one or two types of visuals.

Use Appealing Color Schemes

Just as important as copy, visuals, and white space is the color scheme you use. Your landing page needs to use appealing color schemes that suit your branding.

You could also use color-coded navigation elements and high-contrast ratios. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with UX and UI best practices to get things like color schemes right.

Consider the Fonts You Use

Another design element that you need to think about is the fonts you use. Different typefaces convey different meanings, so it’s important that you choose a font that matches your brand and the content of your landing page. 

Provide a Clear Call to Action

Lastly, let’s address the most important part of your landing page: the call to action. The purpose of your landing page will be to persuade visitors to take some form of action, whether that’s buying a new product or signing up for an event or email newsletter.

So, make sure your call to action is clear and informative. Post the call to action in a prominent position, don’t confuse users by posting multiple calls to action on your landing page, and make sure the call to action you post is clear in its messaging.

Also, use simple wording like “Download Here” or “Sign Up Now.” As long as you use calls to action effectively in combination with the above traits of a top-notch landing page, you’re sure to gain more conversions. And, ultimately, more conversions mean more sales.